External Hard Drives Buying Guide

Are you an enthusiast for music, games and photos? All multimedia content consume a large amount of space in your computer. Your internal hard drive can overflow. External hard drives are an alternative in such a scenario. 

Factors to Consider When Buying External Hard Drives            

  • Connectivity: Connectivity is an important feature to reckon when it comes to external hard drives. They have three connectivity modes to computers. The USB 2.0 port is one mode of attaching to the computer and this also works with slower computers. Most of the external hard drives have a Fire Wire 400 technology that is as fast as USB 2.0. However the updated version Fire Wire 800 is twice faster than the version 200.  E SATA is the fastest mode however only few mother boards and add-on cards are functional with E SATA.    
  • Speed: The speed of your hard drive is important as it determines rapid transfer of content from and to your computer. The factors to be considered for speed are appropriate seek time, buffer  
  •  Size and Storage Capacity:If you have the need and you are ready to spend then go ahead with 300 GB otherwise settle for a 100 GB. Both will work fine but the only difference would be the storage space. Always buy twice the capacity that you would originally require.  Most of the external hard drives are portable. There are some that occupy desk space and there are some that can be carried in your pockets.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Dynamode USB-HD2.5 :

The Hard drive has USB connectivity mode and is  portable.  

IOMEGA Prestige External Hard Drive :

It can store 1.5 terabytes of data equal to 5 CD ROMs.descriptiontext 

HDX External 250Gb Hard Drive Triple Interface :

The hard drive features a FireWire storage solution, proven to meet the performance demands of commercial and home studio users worldwide.

Quick Picks

Pogoplug External Portable Hard Drives :

The portable hard drive is an attractive pink in colour and can be carried in a pocket. 

DYNAMODE USB External Hard Drive Enclosure :

The enclosureof the External Hard Drive is a sturdy aluminium caddy for 2.5-inch IDE or SATA hard disk drives.

Toshiba - External Hard drive - 1 TB : 

The storage capacity of the hard driev is 1 terrabyte and the weight is just 1 kg.

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