Adaptors and Gender Changers Buying Guide

Adaptors and gender changerscan tranform the functionality of a port according to requirements.  

Some Common Adaptors and Gender Changer Types

Serial Gender Changer: Serial changers will have two connectors attached to it, one is connector A and the other is connecter B. If you have a 9 pin female port, this gender changer can be used to convert it to 9 pin male port. One more advantage of this device is its low profile nature.  

Coupler Gender Changer: This device helps to convert analogue cables to digital with a simple process. All that you have to do is to connect two DVI cables together, and the conversion will automatically happen. Even this has two female dual link connectors.  

Terminal Block Adaptor:  These adaptors convert different terminal ports which are used as serial connectors for a system. This adaptor can be connected to all blocks which have screw typed wiring. They also support all kind of signal ground over terminal blocks.  

Mouse Cable Adaptor: The mouse cable adaptor supports PS2 gender changer for converting male DIN pin to female DIN pin. Even this type of adaptor comes with both connector A and connector B.  

DVI to VGA Adaptor: The adaptor can be used to convert a DVI male connector to VGA female connector. Each connector has to be linked to one side and the conversion will automatically thereby start to happen.  

VGA Monitor Video Adaptor: This is a USB model adaptor that helps to convert an USB port into a VGA port. This has a dual display option which can be enabled with an external graphic card. The card will support both laptop and desktop computers. The adaptor can also be used to create multiple numbers of VGA connections, which can be extended for further usage.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

USB F To F Adaptor Gender Changer :

The gender changer and adaptor is easily portable and supports plug and play.  

D-Type Gender Changers :

These gender changers are for D-type connectors. 

Serial Gender Changers 9-Pin to 25-Pin :

The serial gender changers facilitate port conversions.  

Quick Picks

XLR adaptors NA3MM XLR M-M gender changer :

The gender changer connects between the XLR 3-pole locking connectors with XLRs, 6.35mm jack and BNC or phono connectors. 

Belkin Adaptor Gender changer DB9F-F :

The adaptor connects two cables that have the same gender connectors.  

15 Pin Female SVGA VGA Monitor Gender Changer Adaptor :  

The changer and adaptor can connect and convert.  

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