Computer Cleaning and Maintenance Buying Guide

Cleaning and maintenance of computer peripherals and accessories is very necessary to keep the computer in good working condition. It also prevents the computer from spreading germs or breaking down from excess dust.

Essential Cleaning Accessories

You can actually save yourself a lot of time by just getting a dust cover for the computer. However, if you didn't, here are a few cleaning essentials.

  • Cloth: Of course paper towels can be used, but it is always better to use cloth. They are the best to clean components such as the outside of the case, mouse, drive and others.   
  • Portable Vacuum: They suck up the dirt, dust, cigarette particles and dirt out of a computer. Avoid standard vacuums as they produce static energy which can damage your computer.  
  • Cotton Swabs: For wiping hard to reach areas especially in the keyboard, mouse and other locations, a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or water will serve best.  
  • Foam Swabs: If possible it will be good to use these lint-free swabs. 
  • Canned Air: There are a lot of small spaces in a computer that we cannot reach. A gentle blast o canned air can blow away the particles.

How to Clean Computer Peripherals

  • Keyboard Cleaning: Cleaning the keyboard removes bacteria and also helps your keyboard in functioning properly. You can also think of purchasing durable and clear covers which protect the keyboard from moisture, dirt, spills and other contaminants.
  • Monitor Cleaning: Computer screens which are difficult to read because of dirt, dust and fingerprints can be cleaned with a simple household cleaner. Cleaners with ammonia are likely to remove the anti-glare protection. Microfibre towels and swiffer dusters can also be used.
  • Printer Cleaning: Never spray any liquid directly onto the printer; instead dampen a cloth with water or rubbing alcohol.
  • Scanner Cleaning: Spray a window cleaner onto a paper towel or cotton cloth and wipe the glass until clean.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

5-star Home and Office Computer Cleaning Kit :

This kit which includes an invertible air duster, absorbent wipes, wet and dry screen sachets and everything else you need to clean your computer.

Large Screen Cleaning Kit with Brush 

A handy, all-in-one kit for cleaning TVs, monitors, CDs, DVDs and keyboards.   

M-Audio Large Keyboard Cover :

Made from 100% stretchable nylon with adjustable locking drawstring, this rugged cover comes in four sizes and hence fits most keyboards.

Quick Picks

Sopropanol Cleaning Fluid :

A specialised computer cleaning product. 

Microfibre Cloth :

This cloth safely removes the dust and fingerprints from delicate surfaces.

Cotton Swabs :

They prove to be really handy during your cleaning adventure.   

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