Computer Monitors Buying Guide

If you are reading this article, chances are you are seeing it through some sort of monitor. However, depending on the type of monitor you use, you might be having slightly different visual experience.

Types of Computer Monitors

  • CRT: CRT monitors are an acronym for cathode ray tube monitors that were the most common computer monitors. They were also used in several television models of olden times. CRT monitors have good contrast ratios and viewing angles and are less expensive.
  • LCD: LCD monitors stand for Liquid Crystal Display computer monitors and they are space saving. Today wall mounted modes and wide screen models are popular options in LCD monitors. The sizes range from as small as 17-inches to large sizes of 60-inches.
  • Plasma: Plasma screens involve higher operating temperatures, power consumption and a fixed resolution.
  • Touch screen: Touch screen monitors increase interactivity with your computer. Your usage of a keyboard or a mouse becomes lesser and you directly operate yopur computer with a finger touch on your monitor.
  • OLED: OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Display. They are brighter and thinner than other models and have a transparent structure.

Buying Guidance

  • Extra items like USB ports and accessories cost extra when bought along with a monitor. So always consider buying accessories that you require separately.
  • If you are a serious gamer or a multimedia enthusiast, Consider monitors with high response times. Do not go for LCD monitors in such a case as they have a slow response times.  
  • Select a widescreen monitor if you consume a lot of photos, music and share them. Otherwise a standard screen is good enough.
  • Don't limit yourself to just one monitor or your small laptop monitor! You can sync your computer up to as many computers as you need with the proper cable to make the connection.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Acer 19in' Monitor :

The monitor from ACER is a flat screen monitor with a size of 18.5 inches and a good resolution. 

LG 22in' Widescreen Monitor Blk :

The 22 inches widescreen monitor has a high contrast ratio and brightness.  

Hanns-G 19in LCD Widescreen Monitor VGA DVI-D WXGAplus  :

The widescreen monitor features Kensington lock and VESA mounting with a  high energy star rating. 

Quick Picks

Apple iMac 3.06GHz SuperDrive Desktop Computer with 27in' Monitor :

The high performance monitors are ideal for viewing videos and chatting.  

DELL XPS 8100 and AOC 22"in Monitor :

The standard 22 inch monitor from Dell ahs superior performance.  

IBM TS 19in TFT Think vision Black Monitor :

The black monitor has the style and features of a typical IBM monitor from the popular Think vision series.  

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