Microphones Buying Guide

Microphones are essential computer components that are used for voice recording.   

Types of Microphones  

  • Directional Microphones:  This microphone can pick sound from all directions. If your purpose is to take an interview or to pick sound from a particular zone, the directional microphones, which are otherwise called the unidirectional microphones, will be more appropriate.      
  • Omni Directional Computer Microphones: The pickup pattern of this microphone is based on an omni directional mode and this device can be easily mounted on to the wall. This type of microphone does not require any special software for its compatibility. This has a wide frequency response, which enhances the sensitivity of the microphone; as well it improves the voice recognition.      
  • USB Dynamic Microphones: In addition to voice chats, if you will need to record sounds with your computer microphone, this USB microphone is the right one. All you need to do is to just connect the USB and hear the audio as well start recording sounds. This microphone will have an LED on and off switch for indication purpose. You will need to install recording software for this microphone to function.
  • Stand Alone Microphones: These individual stand alone microphones can function with easy plug and play options, and this is an ideal microphone for chatting, VOIP and audio recording for residential purposes. This model microphones are generally designed high frequency range and cardioid polar pattern. These features help in close-in mike facility.    


  • If you want high end stereo effects, choose the zoom microphones as they serve well.  
  • If your microphone is for your laptop, then buy the exclusive laptop microphones, as they offer the required quality output.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Blue Microphones Icicle :

The Icicle features a studio quality microphone preamp, 48V phantom power and fully balanced low noise front.

PC Headphone and Microphone for Skype :

These microphones are very effective for exclusive usage with Skype.  

COMPUTER GEAR Webcam with Microphone :

The microphone is ideal for web chat with audio and video feeds.   

Quick Picks

Travel Blue Computer Ear Phones with Microphone :

These microphones with ear phones are ideal for speaking over in the internet.  

Sony PS3 Singstar Wireless Mics :

These microphones are wireless and have USB wireless receiver and batteries to make your SingStar moments. 

MXL USB-77 Classic-style USB microphone :

The microphone can record vocals, instruments and conduct interviews.

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