Logitech Corded Mice Buying Guide

Logitech corded mice are very popular.  They are both used in homes and offices and are known for their quality and performance.   

Logitech Corded Mice Types

There are various types of corded mice and some common and popular types are given below. 

  • M90 has ambidextrous design with high definition optical sensor.
  • M100 has tilt wheel and the above features.
  • G500 comes with weight tuning, onboard memory and adjustable sensitivity.
  • M500 can fly even through lengthy web pages and documents in just one flick or click.
  • RX250 is an optical mouse which offers consistent tracking performance.
  • PS/2 is an optical mouse with three button, optical wheel and can be used by both left handed and right handed persons.

Features of Logitech Corded Mice

  • Certain models like M500 come with scrolling that is hyper fast when compared to the ordinary mice with scroll wheels.
  • With the forward or backward buttons on the Logitech corded mice it is possible to reach the right place with laser precision and smoothly too.
  • The soft side grip and contoured design of the corded mice from Logitech enables to stay in good control and keep the hands happy and comfortable.
  • Certain models are ideal for both left handed and right handed people.
  • The scroll wheel of the laser corded mice type lowers repetitive movements and helps in scanning web pages and documents quicker and easier.
  • The Logitech laser corded mouse can be connected to any USB port available.
  • Logitech optical corded mice offer pixel precise tracking.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Logitech RX250 Mouse Optical Corded USB and PS/2 with Tilt Scroll Wheel and Zoom :

The zoom and wheels allows for four way navigation across large documents.  

Logitech Marble Mouse Trackball Corded USB :

The mouse features an optical technology and is ideal for both left handed and right handed users.   

Logitech Corded Mouse M500 :

The productivity of your organisation can be increased with hyper-fast scrolling of the corded mouse. 

Quick Picks

Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical Corded OEM :

The optical sensor present in the corded mice from Logitech provides accuracy and speed.  

OEM - Logitech RX1500 Corded Laser Mouse :

The laser mouse features good connectivity and is ideal for both left handed and right handed users.   

Logitech Corded Notebook Mouse :

The corded notebook mouse is ideal for scrolling with notebooks. 

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