PDA and Handhelds Buying Guide

PDAs are personal digital assistants meant to perform tasks, both personal and official, easily and quickly by synchronising data between various mobile devices.  The main aim of using PDA and handhelds is to work away from office, reduce workload, which could otherwise pile up when away from the workplace.   

What to look for in PDA and Handhelds?

  • Display Screens of the PDA or handheld should enable easy reading and viewing without causing strain to the eyes.  The picture quality should be good.  Colour screen is a preferable option as they are highly user-friendly.  Some PDAs and handhelds have sliding screens which enable the users to view the content either vertically or horizontally.
  • Operating System (OS) for PDAs and handhelds are often found to be either Windows based or Palm OS.  The OS needs to be selected based on the programs or applications you need to run on these devices.  Some applications are compatible with certain operating systems only and do not work in others.
  • Memory Slots are built inside the PDAs and Handhelds to enhance the data storage.  They can also be accessed whenever required later, using desktops or laptops.
  • Removable Storage Options not only enhance the performance and storage of these devices, but also offer additional security.  Certain data and programs can be stored in these external cards for storage so that they can be used during travel or on the move.  Even if the PDA gets lost, the data stored in these devices kept safely can act as a backup.
  • Random Access Memory of these devices should be chosen with maximum capacity so that accessing data and running applications is quick and easy.
  • Networking Capabilities is one of the very necessary additions.  You need to select one with Wi-Fi connectivity option or Bluetooth based on your requirements.  The Wi-Fi option enables you to connect to the internet wherever there is a Wi-Fi hotspot while Bluetooth helps to sync these devices with desktops or laptops.  Mobile users should however go for devices that provide both.


  • Sony
  • Blackberry
  • HP
  • Palm

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

HP iPaq Classic Handheld PDA :

This PDA has 64MB for running applications.

Dell Axim PDA :

This PDA device offers many advanced features for high performance.

PALM T/X Handheld PDA with Bluetooth :

This PDA is designed for easy use.

Quick Picks

Palm Zire 22 Handheld PDA :

This is a great handheld organiser for all your official and personal work.

BlackBerry 8100 Pearl :

This handheld, Smartphone device combines fun and functionality.


This is an elegant and stylish personal organiser.


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