Batteries and Chargers Buying Guide

Cameras and camcorders, especially the digital ones, utilise a lot of power and they come with proprietary batteries or with standard batteries like AA, AAA, 9-Volt, etc. The choice of batteries will depend on the amount of usage the device has. Disposable batteries are sufficient for occasional use while rechargeable batteries are more economical for regular use.     

Type of Batteries

Some common types of batteries are nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, alkaline batteries and oxyride batteries. NiMH are currently deemed to be very useful for standard size rechargeable batteries as they retain charge longer and oxyride batteries are considered better among the disposable batteries segment. Batteries with higher Milli Ampere hour (mAh) ratings last longer.     

Battery Care

Batteries require adequate care to make them last longer. NiMH batteries lose charge even when they are not in use.  So if you have multiple batteries, it is better to use them in rotation. Most devices stop functioning when the battery is about to be drained of charge completely but some devices like flashlights may completely drain the charge in your battery making them incapable for recharging. It is always better to charge your battery after you have almost used up the existing charge as top-up charging reduces battery life.    

Some Important Feature to Look into While Buying Chargers

  • Chargers typically have two to four slots that can charge different batteries like AA and AAA though there are single cell chargers available.
  • Chargers range in charging time from 15 minutes to eight hours. A four to eight hour charging time offers a balance between battery health and charging efficiency.
  • Chargers with LED lights to indicate charging status help prevent overcharging.
  • Chargers that discharge batteries before recharging extend battery life.
  • There are chargers with capacity to identify bad batteries and with different adapters to use worldwide.   

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Draper 66800 12v Automatic Battery Charger :

The battery charger automatically reverts to safe trickle mode after completion of charging.

Panasonic Infinium BQ-392UK AA/AAA Battery Charger :

You can charge your MP3 player or camera's batteries using the battery charger. 

Panasonic Xtreme C Batteries, Pack of 6 :

The batteries from Panasonic are powerful and reliable.  

Quick Picks

DURACELL 9V Plus Batteries x 2 :

The 9V plus batteries have a long life and are powerful.  

Energizer Mini Charger with 2 AA Batteries :

The charger efficiently charges AA and AAA rechargeable batteries.

ENERGIZER 9V1 Ultimate Batteries PK :

The ultimate batteries and chargers are ideal for digital still cameras, MP3 players and portable LCD TVs. 

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