Engagement and Wedding Jewellery Buying Guide

The day you get engaged and the day you and your your fiancé(e) finally tie the knot are unquestionably two of the most important days of your lives, and traditionally, you will mark each of these occasions with a meaningful piece of jewellery.  There's so much to know, though!  How can you be sure that you're picking out something that will reflect your personalities and recall a lifetime of cherished memories?  We here at ShopWiki know that these are not easy decisions, and so our gift guides aim to help ease your mind as you make your final choices.  Read on for helpful advice on choosing engagement rings, wedding bands, and more.

Engagement Rings

Our guide will tell you everything you'll need to know (and more, quite possibly!) about deciding on the perfect engagement ring  for your sweetie.

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Cut, colour, clarity and...carrots? Not so fast. Looks like you have a lot more to learn about picking out a quality diamond ! Let our guide help you.

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Wedding Rings

A wedding band  might be the most important piece of jewellery you'll own. It's the classic symbol of till death do us part, and you'll want to do it right!

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Wedding Day Jewellery

Wedding jewellery  goes way beyond rings. Not only does it make a statement, it's also an easy way to tackle the "something old, something new..." adage.

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