Erotica Buying Guide

Erotica: any literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire.  We all know the stigma that surrounds erotica and other forms of sexual merchandise, but in reality, it exists, and people want to know about it.
So here is what there is to know:

  • Erotica is different from pornography: Erotica is considered the portrayal of the body and sexuality with high-art aspirations.
  • Erotica can include many different sub-genres including:
    • Stories with science fiction, horror, fantasy or romantic focuses.
    • Fetishes including BDSM, wearing uniforms, cross dressing, homosexuality and polygamy.

Erotica Styles

Erotica is produced in four main categories. While some categories overlap, such as photography and magazines, each is targeted towards a different audience. Personal preference plays a big role in which type of erotica one should buy. While all forms of erotica sell well, if you don't enjoy what you see or read, it is a waste of money. 

Fiction novels  and short stories  are probably best for those who don't enjoy pornography. In this style of erotica, a reader can still enjoy explicit sex scenes without watching a movie. Novels and short stories also come in a vast variety of subjects and characters.

Straight photography  may be for those who don't want to watch sex on television, but still want to view the body in an artistic way. Some erotica may even be displayed as art in someone's home, depending on personal preference. 

Erotica films  are slightly different than commercial pornography. While pornography simply aims to show sexually explicit scenes, erotica films use these scenes to depict a story about exploring sexuality. In effect, they both have the same result for the viewer.

Magazines  are for those who want a combination of visuals with the story. While a vast majority of the content is photography, there is still room for articles and short stories. This way the reader gets visual stimulation with an intellectual twist.

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