Event Tickets Buying Guide


Event tickets  make wonderful gifts.  Taking someone you love to see their favourite music artist ,sporting team ,theatre production , or comedy show  offers an experience unlike any other.  Utilize our guide for resources and details on how to buy tickets online.  

What To Know

First of all, make sure that an event ticket is the way you want to go.  Once you have committed to this idea, there are many factors to begin thinking about.

  • Location:  Will you look for a venue close to home or will you look to purchase event tickets while on a holiday?
  • The Details: Make sure that you fully understand what you are going to buy.  Read all of the fine print that accompanies the tickets and look for any limitations or promotions.
  • Prices:  You should know the average price range of the tickets before you purchase them.  Do some research between web sites to make sure that you are getting the best deal.  
  • Fees: Vendors will often tack on hidden fees to the price of the ticket.  Anticipate paying shipping and handling surcharges as well, which will vary depending on your location.

Ticketing Resources

Check out these credible web pages for hot new ticket sales in music, comedy, sports, and the arts.

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