Exercise Bikes and Trainers Buying Guide


Looking to get in shape?  An exercise bike  may be one of the best solutions you can find, as it works your legs, heart, and lungs all at once without putting stress on your joints.  Exercise bikes are a very popular form of cardio equipment  because they are easy to use -- if you know how to pedal a bicycle , you will know how to operate this machine.  You can even catch up on your reading while pedalling!

Types of Bikes

With a few different options, you are bound to find a machine that fits your lifestyle and your budget. 

Upright Bikes 

These are the best-selling models out there! 

Featured Models:

Recumbent Bikes 

Sit comfortably throughout your entire workout!

  • Has a chair-like or bucket seat 
  • Promotes blood flow throughout the body
  • Provides excellent back support

Featured Models:

Dual Action Bikes 

These bikes will really tone your entire body!

  • Upright models with moveable bars on arm handles
  • Aerobic  intensity is increased
  • Upper-body toning is enhanced

Featured Models:

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