Exotic Boots Buying Guide

Exotic boots can be made of ostrich, lizard, horse, snake and alligator skin. The most familiar form of what we refer to as exotic boots are cowboy boots. These boots are highly durable, snugly fitted, rugged -- good for wrangling and roping activities. As you can image, they are also designed for horseback riding with smooth leather soles to prevent snagging in the stirrups.


* '''Cowboy Boots''': these boots are best suited for riding and walking. With an average height of 12 inches, most cowboy boots offer a comfortable fit.  * '''Western Riding Boots''': These boots are designed mainly for horseback riding. Western riding boots are popularly seen worn by cowboy and cowgirls in rodeos and horse shows. At times, when the rider slips off from the horse’s back, he or she can safely be isolated from the horse without getting caught in the stirrup as the shoe is designed for that purpose.  * '''Ropers''': The low heel, newly designed western boots help rodeo cowboys handle calves in competition. The heel of the boot is squared off, with an inch height. The shaft is above the ankle ensuring increased comfort to the legs. * Exotic boots can also include knee-high boots, thigh-length boots, wedge boots, and more.

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* Bronx * Durango * Ugg

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