Fashionable Mobile Phones Buying Guide

Mobile Phones as Fashion Accessories

Basic mobile phones --only capable of making calls and checking voicemail--are quickly becoming obsolete.  More modern models come equipped with everything from GPS  to Wi-Fi and high resolution cameras , and true mobile fashionistas often tote these multi-functioning phones. 

While having tons of features often helps some wireless brands top trendsetting lists, design and accessories are also important fashion factors.  For design, sleekness, portability and colour choice keep your mobile looking fresh, while accessories like patterned skins and faux gemstones add eye catching bling.

Touch Screen Line Up

Apple iPhone 3G 

  • Although it hasn't changed much from the original iPhone, it's still super-sleek, shiny and slim.
  • Comes in black, white or red to match your iPod nano  or your new MAC notebook .
  • New features include weather widgets, enhanced GPS capabilities, visual voicemail, plus iTunes and all the old iPhone gizmos.
  • Costs around  £199 and some added cash for a voicemail plan.

HTC Touch 

  • You can operate the touch screen--one of the smallest available--via your fingertips or stylus.
  • Features include integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2 mega-pixel camera and all other the other smart phone basics.
  • Unique finger motions--like the tap or sweep--allow users to access information more quickly on the Touch's 3D interface.
  • Expect to spend around £330 to £460.

Samsung Instinct 

  • You might do a double-take when picking this one up, as it looks a lot like its iPhone competitor.
  • If you're feeling macho, this candy-bar sized mobile comes trimmed in a masculine gunmetal colour.
  • While it doesn't have instant messaging or Wi-Fi, it does have a bunch of multimedia messaging capabilities, along with organizer applications, visual voicemail and Bluetooth compatibility.
  • A vast price range depending on the package, from £199 to £599.

 Cutting Edge Smart Phones

RIM Blackberry Pearl 

  • Need to be matchy-matchy? The Pearl comes in colours like Ruby, Gold, Titanium, Tahitian green, indigo and light blue.
  • Worthwhile functions include enhanced email, a mapping application, music playback and lots of expandable memory.
  • Most packages come with the usual charger and ear buds, but no belt holster--it's too thin to need one.
  • Won't set you back too far at around £120.

Nokia N95 

  • Unlike its smart phone brethren, the N95 has a slider design.
  • Looks can be deceiving. Rather than weighty, this phone is lightweight and easy to hold thanks to a soft hand-grip on the back.
  • While it's Jam-packed with features, the 5 megapixel camera similarly impressive video function are big draws.
  • The phone won't be the only thing that's light after you shell out about £548. Your wallet will be too.

Palm Centro 

  • Shed some pounds from it's predecessor, the Palm Treo .
  • Comes in black onyx and a shocking ruby red with a matching tiny keyboard.
  • You can catch streaming TV clips, listen to tunes provided by MTV and VH1 Mobile, and play a round of sudoku in your downtime.
  • Costs a middle of the road £177-£205.

Stylish and Camera Ready

Samsung Tocco 

  • Known for a compact, sexy design that rivals the iPhone.
  • 5 megapixel camera capable of shooting in low light, GPS and HSPDA.  This means for squashed camera phone pictures, these shots look good.
  • The camera's most ground breaking features include the 'smile shot' the detects if your subject is smiling and the CMOS video lens normally found on high-quality digitals.
  • The 'drag and drop' feature allows you to grab all your pictures and other widgets in one super-quick motion.
  • The most expensive "tocco" you'll never eat at around £250.

Sony Ericsson K-770i Cyber-Shot 

  • Has a striped metal keypad for a business look.
  • Camera is 3.2 megapixel with the ability to activate the snapper by sliding open the lens cover on the back or by pressing the shutter button on the right hand side.
  • Micro mirror and LED flash work well for self-portrait, allowing with a photo editing function
  • Normally doesn't cost more than £200.

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