Fax Machines Buying Guide


You can walk into any office today, whether it be large or small, high-tech or low-tech, and find yourself a fax machine .  Connected to a standard phone line , a fax machine allows you to instantly transmit documents to someone else, making it the perfect gadget for business or home use!      

At a Glance

  • About:  Inkjet fax machines  and laser print fax machines  are the two most commonly used machines on the market today. Both of these fax machines are capable of printing the faxes received onto plain paper instead of thermal paper, which was used in older fax machines.
  • Who should use it:  If you own a very busy company receiving and sending handfuls of faxes each day, it is a wise decision to invest in a business grade fax machine . These machines handle the stress of sending and receiving multiple faxes.
  • Pricing:  Fax machines often have many different features to offer, and can vary in price from £30 to over £1000.  

Featured Products

Brother MFC-7225N 

BT Paperjet 60e 

Canon L295 

Philips Multifunction LPF925 

Sharp UX-BS60 

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