Fermenting Crock Pots

Essentially used for making sauerkraut and pickling other vegetables, a fermenting crock pot is a very specialized, but also very special, form of cookware. Naturally fermenting vegetables with lactic acid is an ancient and healthy process of food preservation. The leader in fermenting crock pots is Harsch . Made in Germany, the stoneware pot seals the vegetables in and comes with weighting stones to press the vegetables below the brine level. The permanent groove around the top fills with water, and is used to create an airtight seal. This simple but effective design ensures a clean sauerkraut product. It is easy to clean and absorbs almost no water, essential for ensuring that no mould perverts the fermentation process.

The Harsch brand crock pot can pickle from 5 to 50 litres at a time (depending on the size of the pot), and although the process takes four to six weeks, it is worth the wait. Your body will appreciate the high fibre content, vitamin C, and friendly bacteria, and fermentation is the only method of vegetable preservation that retains all the plant's original minerals.

Starting your life of home-fermentation can be daunting, but just remember a few things. The fermentation process has been used as a natural preservative technique for thousands of years and exists all over the world. The classic Korean dish Kimchi, made from fermented cabbage, follows essentially the same process as that for sauerkraut. In addition, all of your favourite alcoholic beverages have gone through this process. So pop open a bottle of Merlot and start fermenting some sauerkraut to accompany it! 

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