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Choosing a wedding song  is difficult because you want it to be both meaningful and timeless.  If you pick a trendy song, you run the risk of it sounding ridiculous ten years down the road, while if you choose a more common wedding  song, it is likely to be too overdone to be truly special to you.  Songs with some personal significance, such as the song from the first movie  you saw together, or the first song you ever slow danced to may make perfect first dance songs at your wedding.  It's worth it to rack your brain to find something that you and your partner will love until death do you part.

Some Tips

  • Be prepared.  Although many bands may be able to learn a special song just for you, it's often easiest to pick a first dance song that's already in their play list.  Even though a classical musician may be well versed in reading sheet music , that doesn't mean he or she should get away with playing something on the fly the day of the wedding.  Give them your wedding song choice in advance so they have ample time to practice.
  • Get the right fit.  Make sure you pick a band that matches your song choice.  For instance, a jazz band  won't sound good attempting a pop song  and vice versa.
  • Better safe than sorry.  If you have had your perfect song in mind for awhile, you may just want to play the song on CD so it sounds exactly how you imagined it.  This way, you don't have to worry about the band making last minute improvisations. 
  • Be original.  Maybe you and your bride or groom-to-be each have a favourite love song.  Why not play both?  You can even surprise one another with your selection on the day of the wedding.  
  • Read into it.  You may have a song in mind that you simply love.  But have you ever stopped to think about what the lyrics really mean?  The popular Whitney Houston slow jam, "I Will Always Love You," isn't a celebration of a mutual love that will last forever--it's a break-up song!  Choose carefully to avoid regrets later.

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