Fishing Buying Guide

Oceanside or lakeside, hip-deep in a river or casting off in a stream, fishing is somehow both relaxing and invigorating.  From fly fishing , with its intricate steps and beautiful arcing forms, to cast-fishing  with itsstraightforward and satisfying reeling--even ice fishing  with its mystery and anticipation--fishing can be seen as a passion, a lifestyle, a pastime, and a hobby, all in one. So if you're a novice or a sea dog, you're going to, at some point, need supplies. Mastered regular casting? Why not take a fly fishing class? Collect fun and colourful lures! Eventually decorate your house with taxidermied fish for a rustic look. There are many perks to fishing besides quiet time, excusable daytime drinking, and learning how lemons  make that fish smell come out of everything very slowly. There's a lot to learn, so it might not hurt to invest in a fishing guide  for some basics.

What to Look For

Where are you going to be fishing? If you're in a lake, you're going to need completely separate supplies than you would for ocean fishing. Is this a one-time-thing or a new hobby? Are you an old hand at fishing, but want to see what new gadgets there are? Just remember first and foremost that fishing is a fun, sometimes boring, sometimes family or friend bonding pastime. You don't need the top of the line products unless you really want them, and you don't need to haul out granddad's tackle box if it's falling apart. Try and find supplies that match what you need them for. If you really don't know what you're doing, hire a boat and guide for a day, and learn the ropes to find out what it's all about. Also, find out which fish are biting before you go out--that way you will be sure to bring the lures and bait appropriate for that species, not to mention the properly weighted line (too thin and it'll snap; too thick and the fish will figure it out). What you fish for, and what you need is completely dependent on where you are planning to fish, and where you live. Find out if there are any bait shops in the area, and keep an eye out for outdoors shops--both can be very helpful with information, merchandise, as well as local fishing news and updates. 

Basic Supplies

Rods are the most basic necessity before setting off on a fishing expedition, no matter how small. Fly fishing requires an entirely different rod and reel combo from freshwater rod/reel combos .

Reels  can be complicated, but basically find out whether or not it's freshwater or ocean . You should also pick one that suits you, so try some out before purchasing.  See if you prefer a  spinning reel or a stationary reel. See how it feels in your hands. 

Fishing line  comes in all sorts of colours, weights, materials, opaqueness, and specialities. Find out what you're doing with it before you buy.

Baits and lures  are the essentials when it comes to fishing--otherwise you just have a hook. Find out if you need freshwater or ocean tackle .Terminal tackle  may be in order, depending on what you're fishing for. Local bait shops should be able to tell you what is biting, and advise you to what bait you'll require.

If you're going to be fishing from a boat, a fish finder  can be a boon.  It cuts a lot of the waiting and mystery and frustration out of fishing, and also provides a source of entertainment (it's fun to fiddle with). 

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