Flash Memory Card Readers and Writers Buying Guide

If you're using a computer  these days, chances are that you've come across some form of a USB card reader. From the personal, tiny, and individual's USB memory card, to a full external hard drive model . Any way you slice it, there are a lot of ways to save your material, back up your documents , and generally move information from one place to another safely, and without extreme stress. All of the different models and formats do the same thing: hold files, documents, photographs, or music in one little memory card , and keep holding it until you reach your destination or are in need of those files. The amount of memory available for each model varies considerably, so keep that in mind before purchasing. It is almost guaranteed that you will find a memory card that will be compatible with your needs, as well as your budget--not to mention with so many different types to choose from, some may even match your style.

 USB Card Reader Types

An Internal Card Reader  works with your computer to read memory cards if your system does not with a memory card reader already.

Desktop Models  do the same work as internal card readers, but conveniently on your desk, instead of inside your system.

The Stackable Desktop model  is an even more convenient appliance to read your memory cards, because it stacks neatly on your desk for superb memory card reading convenience. 

Key Chain Style memory Cards  are stylish and tiny.  They let you carry your files and documents with you on your key chain for added security, and are available with many different amounts of memory and in different styles. 

USB Flash Reader Combo  works for anyone who wants his or her files quickly and without much fuss. It holds, transfers, and reads your files, and is easily transported itself. 

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