Flash Memory Card Readers and Writers

reader/writer attached to your computer via a USB 2.0 cable you can upload photos to your computer, transfer videos from your digital camcorder, and synch your PDA and computer. Still not convinced about buying a flash memory reader? Check out Crucial's 6 Signs That a Flash Card Reader Can Save You Time and Simplify Your Life. ! * Some flash memory card readers. * There are also external External card readers are portable and come in several types. Choose between a desktop model that plugs into your computer via a USB cable or a mini keychain model. A desktop is capable of multiple card support. However, a keychain model only supports one or two card types, and plugs into your computer direct via a male USB connector. There are also USB flash drives that support memory card readers. * '''Connectivity and Compatibility'''. Like with any digital device, the first thing you should be concerned with is compatibility. That means software, operating system, system requirements, and cable connector compatibility all count. More important is the type of memory card that your reader/writer can support CompactFlash, Memory Stick, xD, or SD/MMC. It may sound obvious, but not all readers are capable of reading all flash memory cards, and not all cameras or camcorders take the same flash memory cards. * '''Versatility'''. If you use multiple digital cameras and/or other digital devices you would probably want to buy something that has 81 card reader capability (some readers support up to 12 card types). If you only need something to read your digital camera's card, opt for a less expensive device that reads that type of card or even two card types, such as an SD/MMC reader.

Major Manufacturers

* Belkin * iPerris * Lexar

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