Flat Caps Buying Guide

Flat caps are small rounded caps usually worn by men and which come with a small stiff brim in front. A flat cap  is known by many different names such as the Jeff cap, cloth cap ,golf cap ,driving cap , windsor cap or scaly cap.  The shade that sticks out from the cap known as the visor is not visible from outside but has thick material inside. The cap protrudes a bit from the forehead and covers most of the hair at the back of your head. It can be fastened at the back with the help of a strap. They keep your head nice and warm by keeping the heat in, last for many years and gift you a stylish look. Traditionally worm by men, today there are many flat caps  tailor-made for women too.  


A range of clothes are used to make flat caps. They include tweed  which is the most popular choice, cotton  (ideal for summer use) and even leather . Some even feature air vents. There are caps which are 100% wool  and others which are purely polyester .  


Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Check Flat Cap with Wool :

Whether it is a casual look or a smart one that you are aiming at, here is the perfect cap to complete a stylish look!

Charcoal Dogtooth Flat Cap :

A classic which comes in a versatile style! Smarten up your everyday wear with it, whether you are country boy or urbanite.

Kangol Wool Flat Cap :

A Kangol Classic made in wool with a delicate embroidered logo detail and textured finish.

Quick Picks

Matix Brunshire Flat Cap :

It is the perfect one to wear about in town or out in the country.

Brown & White Houndstooth Flat Cap :

A classic cap with a contemporary look.

Orvis Long Billed Flat Cap :

Its stowaway leash safely attaches to a buttonhole or a locker tag, thus preventing rough gusts from flying off your cap.

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