Food and Beverage Jars and Containers

You can choose from a stunning gamut of kitchen jars and containers that is developed from superior quality plastic, ceramic, glass etc. Mix and match these kitchen accessories to suit your design inspiration. 


  • Canister: These are air tight storage containers that help to retain the freshness of food. Secure-fitting stainless steel lid provides protection against moisture, dust and insects. Coffee, tea and sugar canister sets with an enamelled body and brushed satin finish lid will make the collection look beautiful. 
  • Biscuit Tins: They are ideal for your kitchen and look good enough to leave out on the work surface. 
  • Containers: Cheese containers prevent cheese from drying out. Disposable sandwich container wedges are suitable for thin bread and fillings such as ham, cheese and pickle or tuna mayonnaise. 
  • Preserve Jars: Most preserve jars are usually made of thick walled glass or ceramic. Storage jars with a dark body would help to protect foods from direct light. Silicone or rubber rim creates vacuum seal to preserve freshness.  
  • Bread Crock: Usually made of ceramic, bread crocks are used to store bread, rolls, croissants fresh and close at hand. These bread storage bins are available in a range of styles from classic to vintage. 
  • Kitchen Bags: These bags, manufactured from high-grade food-safe plastic can be used to store your left-over food. These bags can be locked with plastic clips. Milk storage bags are ideal for freezing and storing breast milk. 
  • Kitchen Boxes: Egg boxes are a quirky, yet surprisingly useful kitchen storage box. You can store coffee, tea, sugar, cakes or whatever you wish in storage boxes.  White boxes with see through panels are practical to store spices, flour and sugar. 

Buying Tips

  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. 
  • Air tight seals to retain the freshness of food. 
  • Hygienic enamelled surface will not absorb or transfer food flavours or odour. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Polka Dot Biscuit Tin :

This bright red biscuit tin provides airtight storage to keep all your cookies fresh and crisp. 

Judge Vanilla Bread Crock :

With beautiful enamel on steel cookware, this product has an all-round stainless steel pouring lip that is suitable for all hobs. 

Ovo Kitchen Storage Boxes :

This unique egg shaped storage box is designed for the kitchen wherever you need storage space.

Quick Picks

Emma Bridgewater Dancing Mice Lunch Box :

Perfect for the school lunches, this product will make your child feel truly special. 

Preserve Jars - 1 1/2 Litre :

This durable and practical clip top glass range design with its air tight seal retains the freshness and makes it ideal for storing and preserving. 

Henry Watson Terracotta Bread Crock Green :

Made from solid terracotta, this stylish storage has a glazed finish and emblem on the front. 

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