Football Buying Guide

Apart from being the most popular sport in the world, football is also ridiculously fun (to play or watch) and a great way to show your team spirit. Who can deny the nation exhilaration that occurs during a World Cup game, or the collective heartbreak of defeat if your team doesn't win their big game?  Whether you're rooting for Arsenal , cheering on Newcastle United , or a complete traitor and supporting the Brazilians  (how could you?!?), there is certainly a team for everyone.  Furthermore, there are a million ways to get involved, from watching the match at home, enjoying it with your mates at the local, or attending in person.  Read on to find out how to get involved on the field or off, and how to look like a pro doing it.

Start Playing!

You can't expect to be a proper footballer without the right gear.  These handy guides will help you suit up for recreation, practise, the big game...or video gaming, if you're so inclined.


Here you can learn more about the sizing and construction of footballs, and read tips on getting the most for your money.


No question about it: if you're playing a game, you need to have proper shoes on your feet. Our guide will help you choose which pair is best for you.

Shin Guards

After a tough match, your legs will thank you for wearing guards. Just trust us on this one.

Team Merchandise

With merchandise, you can really show your true loyalties. Find scarves ,collectible balls ,jerseys , and more.

Video Games

Video football has become so lifelike and realistic you might learn a thing or two from playing on the virtual pitch.

Still confused where to begin?  The following searches will help get you ready to play quicker than Zidane  can headbutt!


Football shorts should be light and loose, and not covering your knees.


Don't be the guy who lets his dirty shinguards  show.


Whether you're buying 1 or 18 for the team, the newest Nike  and Adidas  jerseys are here.

Goal Nets 

Goal nets are a great way to practice your finishing.

Show Your Team Spirit

A true fan is never without his or her football jersey (and face paint , but that's neither her nor there).  Below are some of the shirts for the most popular teams around, so if you're not able to bend it like Beckham , you can at least look a bit like him (maybe?).  Think about sporting your colours for the upcoming FA Cup  or FIFA Confederations Cup.

AC Milan

Italian stars Gattuso, Zambrotta, and Nesta keep AC Milan at the top of the league table with a little help from Brazilian forward Ronaldinho .


Arsenal did not miss a beat when superstar Thierry Henry  transferred to Barca. The young Gunners, Theo Walcott , Francesc Fabregas, and Holland born Robin Van Persie more than picked up the load.


Barcelona is known for its beautiful brand of football. The Catalonians have too many stars to mention, but Lionel Messi ,Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Xavi, and Iniesta stand out among the world's best footballers.


The recently promoted Birmingham Town is remarkably climbing the Premiership standings. Currently, they are in the middle of the table.


Chelsea and Manchester United have battled for the Champions League crown for almost a decade. Stars like Frank Lampard  and Didier Drogba keep them at the top.


Everton has competed in England's top division longer than any other team.


Italy hopes to repeat their 2006 World Cup championship in 2010. The Italian national team is known for their tough defense and sometimes sneaky tactics.


Captain Steven Gerrard  and Spanish striker Fernando Torres  hope to return Liverpool to Premiership dominance

Manchester United

The reining Champions League and Club World Cup champions will have to get even more firepower if they hope to repeat after losing Christiano Ronaldo  to Real Madrid.


The only French club to ever win the EUFA Champions League will be trying to win that again this year as well as the French Ligue 1.

Real Madrid

The players on the world's richest football club are also known as Los Galácticos (The Superstars) for their high priced player acquisitions, the most recent being arguably the best player in the world, Christiano Ronaldo.


Tottenham Hotspur is quickly becoming a contender in the English Premier League.

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