Baseball might be the American pastime, but there's little doubt that football is truly America's favorite sport. What's keeping you from playing? Oh, you need a football, of course. This guide will give you the basics on how to get a great ball, whether you just want it to play around with in the backyard, or if you are seriously into the sport. Choosing is easy, since all you have to worry about is the size and the material. Typically, your age determines what size ball you need and the type of playing you plan to do with the ball affects the type of material you choose. For sizing, check out the chart on the right, created on genuine leather. Split and genuine leather are less expensive and don't have as great a grip as full grain leather, but they are still better than synthetic. One final note, is that once you start looking into official balls, you might notice that the shape varies from being pointy to rounded. If you are working on throwing, a pointed ball is a better choice, and for catching, a rounded ball. Here are some visual examples of different footballs that you might want to buy.

Major Manufacturers

* Wilson * Franklin * Nerf * Spalding * Rawlings

Popular NFL Teams

Once you get your hands around one of these footballs, you're ready to enter the world of football. If you are already a fanatic, chances are you have a favorite professional team. Here are some popular choices:  

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