Formal Wedding Style

Formal weddings are not for everyone, though they are the style of choice for those with impeccable taste -- or for those who wish to present themselves as such. The essence to capture is luxury, elegance, and glamour. Think flowing champagne, caviar, cigars, and Bentleys. Pull out the crystal stemware and fine china since high class is the focal point and your motto should be "nothing but the best" -- within your budget, of course. Speaking of budget, formal weddings will cost more -- lots more. Reasons for being so pricey are that formal weddings typically take place in the evening (meaning that the reception site will cost more), the guest list consists of at least 100 people, if not more than 200 in most cases, and a multi-course sit-down dinner is also part of the act. Make it extra fancy with butlers in tuxedos and white gloves serving the meal on silver trays to get the full effect. Here are some of the other details that go into creating a formal wedding.