Fragrance Families

If You LIke... Then You'll Love....

Did you know that all fragrances can all be categorized by family? Whether you are looking for a new perfume or cologne for yourself, or even shopping for someone else, understanding fragrance families can help make a huge difference in how you shop saving hours of research and a lot of money on bad fragrance picks. ! To get started, the four main families are floral, fresh, oriental, and woody. Nonetheless, there are many subcategories within each family that subtly alter a scent to create a fragrance fusion of sorts. Below you'll find a brief description of each of the categories that a fragrance could fall under and sample perfumes and colognes of each. Next time when you shop, look for fragrances that have similar notes to those in fragrances you like. You'll be ten times more likely to find an appealing perfume. For a complete guide for the fragrance enthusiast, consider buying the book Fragrances of the World by Michael Edwards.

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