Full Brief Knickers Buying Guide

Knickers for women are soft, gentle and provide utmost comfort when worn. They are used for enhancing the shape of your body. Full brief knickers provide full coverage and excellent support. 

Different Types of Full Brief Knickers

Briefs extend up to the waist and navel and have full rear coverage. The sides of the brief knickers extend below the hips.

  • Cotton Full Briefs: These types of full briefs are made of pure cotton. These cotton briefs are healthy for your skin. They are soft and gentle and breathe well. Some cotton full briefs come with lace or elasticated trim around the waistband and legs.
  • Lace Full Briefs: Lace full briefs are either made completely from lace or alternatively some of them will have decorative silk designs. There are two design options - square-pattern lace full briefs and stretchable lace full briefs. Most of these briefs come in white and a selection of other light colours.
  • Support Full Briefs: These briefs are designed in such a way as to provide maximum support to your stomach. They help to flatten your stomach and hips. These support briefs come with lace panels on the side. There are also semi support briefs which are used to flatten your stomach alone.
  • Other Full Briefs: There are other type of full briefs such as silky full briefs, embroidered full briefs, stretchable full briefs and soft poly-cotton briefs. They are available in various sizes and colours. 

Factors to Consider

  • Go for cotton fabric which is breathable, comfortable and healthy.  
  • Always select knickers that are a perfect fit  
  • Avoid knickers that are too tight.  
  • Choose knickers that suit your personality.  
  • Select knickers according to your shape.  
  • You can buy multi-coloured sets of full brief knickers. Having spare sets will always help.  

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Embroidered Floral Front Full Briefs 

These full briefs give complete stomach support and flatten the appearance of your tummy.

Jacquard Front Floral Full Briefs 

This floral brief is elasticized providing comfort for the wearer.

Cotton Rich Lace Trim Full Briefs 

The cotton rich lace trim in these full briefs make them look attractive.

Quick Picks

Brettles Full Briefs 

This full brief is made of cotton and is soft and harmless to skin.

Bonds Underwear Shapers Plus Control Full Briefs 

This full brief features a power mesh insert to help flatter your figure.

Ditsy Flower Full Briefs 

These floral printed full briefs are comfortable whilst shaping your body.

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