Gag Gifts Buying Guide

Looking to buy a gift for someone with an awesome sense of humor? Gag gifts serve little more purpose than to make the receiver laugh, but laughter is one of the greatest gifts to give. Be a regular clown with these unusual gifts.  

Talking TP Roll 

This battery-powered item records and plays back any message. Just press the "record" button, say what's on your mind, load up with some toilet paper and you're ready to go. Your message will play whenever paper is pulled.

The Butt Station 

Lighten up the nine to five with this hilarious item. Includes a tape dispenser with metal cutter, pen and business card holders and a toilet paper clip compartment with magnetic butt for easy retrieval.

Grow A Degree 

Have a friend who's always talking about going back to school? Now they can get their diploma for less than the price of lunch! Simply place the diploma in water and watch it grow to lifesize in only three days! 

Eviction Notice Sign  or Condemn Notice 

Totally freak someone out by putting an eviction sign on their door! Extra points if you hide in the bushes and take a picture of the look on the receiver's face.  


Prove who ate the last cookie in the cookie jar with this nifty little gadget.  

Cockroach Surprise 

Want to hear that tough coworker shriek like a girly-girl? Try placing a fake cockroach under their morning bagel. 

Smack Him Ex-Boyfriend Punching Bag 

Get your exercise and your therapy with these lovely little punching bags. They are a must after every heartbreak.  

Hangover Recovery Kit 

These should be handed out every New Year's Eve. Complete with an eye mask and a head compress, this is a perfect gift for the gal who loves to party.  

Secret Message Pens 

Want to share juicy secrets with your friend without the prying eyes of gossip girls and nosy Nigels? These pens write invisible messages that can only be seen under blacklights. The cool part? Each cap has a little blacklight lamp built in.  

Golf Voodoo Kit 

A must for the friend who always loses badly at golf. Give him or her a fighting chance at winning with a little voodoo magic. 

Remote Control Golf Ball 

Play a trick on your favourite golfer or give another player an unfair advantage with this hilarious gift.

Trick Golf Ball Set 

Choose your poison to unleash on your golf buddies. The set comes with an exploder, phantom, jetstreamer, and an unputtable ball.

Pimp My Cubicle 

Perfect for the "lady's man" (or the guy who thinks he is), this gift comes complete with leopard print banner, gold thumbtacks, a disco ball and bling freshener.

Bar Tool Kit 

Aspiring carpenters and bartenders can build the perfect screwdriver, rusty nail, cement mixer, power drill or bulldozer with this neat gift.

Bacon Air Freshener 

Swap your odor conscious friend's lilac air freshner with this smelly little gift. Watch out for dogs, it's known to drive them mad! 

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