GameBoy Advance Accessories Buying Guide

Though the Game Boy Advance is not the most modern video game device on the market these days, it doesn't make it any less fun to play. Dust off that GBA in your closet and stock up on these accessories to make your "retro" gaming even more fun! Though these items may not be sold in stores anymore, there are plenty available online!


GameBoy Player 

The GameBoy Player allows you to play your GameBoy Advance, GameBoy , and GameBoy Colour cartridges on a television via a GameCube. Perfect for displaying your gaming skills to a large group!

GameBoy Advance Camera 

Turn your GameBoy Advance into a camera! Take photos and transport them to your computer's hard drive with a USB cable.


The E-Reader plugs into your GameBoy Advance and allows you to swipe special cards which contain classic games or more information to enhance the games you already have!

Rechargeable Battery Pack 

If you are tired of running out of power right as your about to beat that really hard level, this pack will give you that extra jolt of energy when you need it the most.

Looks, Saving and Connection

Flash Advance Card 

A Flash card is a portable hard drive that allows you to store memory. This is a handy device for those that like to use their GBAs as PDA devices.

TV Adaptor 

This nifty device allows you to play your favourite GBA games on a television via the GameCube. Break out your games with the best graphics and enjoy it on the big screen.


This battery powered light solves the problem of trying to play on a dim screen. It attaches to the screen and provides optimum backlight, making game play much easier.

PC Linker 

This is a must-have for modification experts. This linker connects your GBA to your home computer. Some use this device to let the GBA work as a controller for Internet gaming.

Power, Wireless and Visual

Wireless Adaptor 

If you want to play wirelessly against your friends, this adaptor is needed. Avoid the mess of cords otherwise needed when playing multi-player games.

Power Pack SP 

A portable power pack designed especially for the SP, the package also includes a device that allows you to charge your SP on the road by inserting an attachment into your dashboard power source.


When buying headphones for your GBA, it is important to look for the special rectangular attachment node. The GBA is not compatible with the common prolonged attachment.

Replacement Outer Screen 

If your screen gets smudged, scratched, or otherwise impaired, you can make your GameBoy Advance look just like new by purchasing a replacement outer screen.

Et Cetera

TV Tuner 

Do you want to watch TV on the go? Connect this TV tuner to your GBA and try to catch broadcast signals wherever you go.

SP Carrying Case 

Protect your GameBoy Advance with a nifty travel case. If you are someone that travels with your GBA, it is definitely worth investing in something to protect your favourite handheld gaming console! 

GameBoy Advance Skins 

Personalize your GameBoy Advance with skins! Whether you prefer green lightening bolts or retro flowers, there is surely a skin to transform your GBA into something special!

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