Gamepads 101

Gamepads are the most basic and common types of controllers for console playing. They are ideal for playing all types of games, from racing to fighting to action and adventure. Whether you are into PC games or consoles such as Xbox 360 or Playstation 2, a gamepad controller is a must. Depending on the type of game that you play, such as a FPS (First Person Shooter) or RPG (Role Playing Game), buying either a game pad, joystick or wireless mouse may make a substantial difference in game play. Usually when buying a video game console at least one gamepad is included. However, most packages only include one controller, and many people prefer to play against a friend. The most important thing to remember is that comfort is crucial no matter which type of controller you choose. Those with bigger hands may need a bigger controller, and smaller individuals should go with a smaller device. Ergonomics also come into play. A better fitting controller will reduce strains, cramps and injuries.

Controller Features

: '''Thumbsticks:''' Thumbstick controllers use two analog sticks that are manipulated by the gamer's thumbs. They provide full range of movement. : '''D-Pad''': Directional pad controllers use both buttons and a directional control. The directional control can be four-way, eight-way or proportional. A proportional controller uses one analog stick and buttons. Most of the newest controllers are either eight-way or proportional. : '''Buttons:''' The pattern of buttons on a d-pad usually includes six buttons on the face of the controller and two on top of the controller, known as shoulder buttons. These buttons control the action. There are also start and select buttons on some controllers. : '''Wireless''': Wireless controllers cut down on storage clutter. Using wireless technology, you can move freely about the room as you play. The one drawback for wireless controllers is they tend to rely on battery power. : '''Force-Feedback''': Force-feedback controllers, also known as rumble controllers, are wired controllers that react to the game by vibrating whenever there is some type of impact onscreen. Always check for system compatibility before buying.