Gaming Keyboards

The more buttons you have, the more options there are. Enthusiasts of PC games know that the controller option with the most buttons is the gaming keyboard, which is essential for the most comprehensive gaming experience.

A Few Top Gaming Keyboard Brands

ZBoard: This is a customizable, interchangeable, folding keyboard that will take you from Call of Duty to World of Warcraft in one quick step. One way to proceed is to start with the basic ZBoard base, which will work for non-gaming everyday applications, then add a gaming keyset for gameplay. The ZBoard is the perfect choice for shooters. Logitech: If you aren't an around-the-clock gamer, and you prefer something that functions well for day-to-day use, Logitech has the most comprehensive selection of keyboards to suit your lifestyle. The G15 has backlit keys and a tilting LCD screen that displays game stats and programmable G keys. Saitek: A generally cheaper alternative to Logitech boards. Saitek's look nice, offer multiple programmability options and include backlit LED keys. Drawbacks for Saiteks include lack of LCD screens and programmable keys.