Gaming Keyboards Buying Guide

If you're a hardcore PC  gamer, you may tend to use your computer  more for bagging bad guys than you do for popping open those enthralling excel spreadsheets.  So why not cater your keyboard to what you do best?  Gaming keyboards have specially placed/programmed keys and even built-in controllers so that playing all your favourite games  is more convenient than ever.  They're also designed with ergonomics  in mind so you don't get carpal-tunnel from continuously shooting evil-doers.  Most models include curved bases with wrist rests that allow for a more natural arm placement and a better reach.  But before you shell out your hard-earned dough and yell "game on!" you might want to do a little research.  That's where we come in.

Macro Versus Hybrid

Macro Gaming Keyboards  

Macro gaming keyboards resemble normal keyboards .  The only difference is that they have specially back-lighted macro keys.  These keys are specifically dedicated to gaming functions, whether it be jumping, kicking, shooting or saving your progress.  These come in handy when your game involves a lot of different actions because you no longer have to try to memorize which normal keys equate to certain gaming functions.  The macro keys are easily programmed, labelled and set aside for game play only.

Hybrid Gaming Keyboards  

Hybrid gaming keyboards have macro keys, a regular keyboard  and a specially designed area for your hand with buttons dedicated to comfortable, easy game play refererred to as WASD gaming areas.  The WASD piece is usually backlit, and the keyboard itself comes with several USB  ports.

Other Options to Think About

  1. Wired Gaming Keyboards .  These allow for only limited movement, so you can't get too rowdy.  They do, however, offer consistent motion and response times, and may be best suited for dedicated gaming desktops  that already have several game controllers .
  2. Wireless Gaming Keyboards .  These models are battery powered, connecting to your computer via infra-red or Bluetooth  technologies.  They can be used sitting on your couch, but you should attempt them from distances much longer than that because they are prone to interference from other wireless devices .
  3. Roll-Up Gaming Keyboards .  If you frequently go to LAN parties, a flexible roll-up keyboard can be easily stored away during travel.  Made from soft silicone or rubber frames, these keyboards connect using USB cables , which offer them greater compatibility with a variety of computers.

Major Manufacturers

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