Garden Accents

Go to your window right now and take a look at your garden. Is it littered with children's toys? storage sheds ? or something equally unattractive? Can you see the grass underneath the aftermath of your spouse's last "outdoor project"? If you nodded yes to questions one through three, or no to question four, then maybe it is time for a garden make-over.  Gardens can be both useful and beautiful--they do not have to be an eyesore. Some people--warning: this will inspire some jealousy--even decorate their gardens anew each year. Follow their cue and spice things up with a redecorating plan.

With these items, you really can't screw it up. 

Pure Décor

There are tons of accents that are designed for sitting there and looking pretty. You can get themed decorations or just pick individual pieces--that complement each other--for an eclectic look. 

Statues  and sculptures 

Garden Planters ,flower pots , and Urns 

Lawn Ornaments ,Hydro Globes ,Stepping Stones 


Wind Chimes 

Large Decorative Structures

The large entranceway structures and sitting areas can give your garden a regal touch. Feel as if you are walking through a castle garden by adding one--or more--of these items.





Wood Fences 

Outdoor Cooking and Dining

The outdoors is not just for looking pretty. Although we want it to be aesthetically appealing, we also want it to be entertainment-worthy. 

The Barbie 


Dining Areas 

Outdoor Kitchens 

Water Features

Garden water features are one of those things that make anyone's eyes pop--plus they are good for attracting birds and other friendly animals. 

Bird Baths





Outdoor Lounging

These days outdoor furniture sets surpass the old lawn chair in comfort, resistance, and design. Entire furniture sets--comfortable and waterproof--are specifically designed to withstand the weather, the dirt, and the outdoor life. 


Waterproof Furniture

Lounge Chairs 


Outdoor Fireplace 

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