Garden Accents

Gardens are naturally beautiful, but sometimes they need a little extra help. You might want your climbing roses to grow in a particular way or give your grape vines extra support. An arrangement of planters and boxes can bring some greenery to areas that aren't in contact with the ground, letting you enjoy your flowers anywhere you like. Moving water can add a marvelous texture to your garden and will also attract wildlife. And of course, decorative elements like sculptures, stepping stones and weather vanes can add a personal accent to your space. Accents can also have practical functions, such as providing shade or support, marking what you've planted where and keeping your flower borders from shifting.  There are many different styles to choose from, such as traditional English cottage garden accents or modern, Asian-influenced designs. Its your garden, so you can mix it up any way you like


Open, airy garden structures can add a lot to your garden's appearance. They can divide areas of the garden without totally obscuring the view. Gazebos and pergolas can provide shelter from the sun or rain; gazebos tend to feel a little more enclosed and often have floors and railings, while pergolas are more open. Grape vines or wisteria are often grown on pergolas. Arbors and arches are a great way to divide your garden, acting as doorways between areas or even as the frame for a garden gate. Climbing roses are a nice touch. Trellises can be against a wall or freestanding and are especially great with clematis. ----


There are dozens of different planters on the market. They can be made of almost any material -- ceramic, metal, wood, plastic or a combination. Ceramic and metal especially can get very heavy so if you plan on moving your plants around you should probably look for something a little lighter. Planters come in many shapes as well. Your typical planter can sit just about anywhere and hold anything from an herb garden to small trees. Hanging planters are especially nice for plants that tend to overflow their containers, like spider plants. Window boxes make a sunny addition to any window spot -- fill them with pansies, begonias, or petunias. Tiered planters are great for herb gardens but work well with many plants. Wall planters let you attach a small green touch -- try a small potted ivy -- to the side of your house. Just make sure they all get plenty of water (you might want a watering can), since plants in boxes tend to dry out faster. ----

Water Garden Accents

Accents like fountains can add interest to your pond or can be used on their own. Look for solar-powered fountains or waterfalls -- they have a solar cell in the bottom which powers the motor, so you don't have to use house current. Don't underestimate bridges -- they add a lot and make it easier to travel between parts of your garden. ! ----

Garden Decorations

Garden decorations can add visual appeal to your garden, but be careful not to overdo it. You want aesthetic appeal, not clutter. If you've ever wondered how sundials work (or whether they work), check out this article from Yardiac.