Gardening Hand Tools

Gardening is all about getting down with the dirt, being one with your zinnias, and generally using your hands a lot! Make sure that your tools are comfortable for you to use; many are available in smaller "women's" sizes since men tend to have bigger hands. If you like to garden these are going to be like extensions of your hand, so you want to be sure you can use them for hours.  You'll need an assortment of tools; advanced gardeners will probably want to choose individual items, but if you're just starting out you might want to look into a set of tools. It might save you a few dollars to get them all together.

Planting Tools

Many of the full-sized gardening tools are also available in hand-sized versions, and vice versa. Consider also buying kid-sized versions of a few of these. There are lots to choose from, and it will get the kids involved in gardening!

Pruning Tools

All pruning tools serve essentially the same function -- cutting off parts of your plants! The main variable is the scale, but different types of pruners use different cutting methods as well. You'll probably want to keep a selection handy so that you are prepared for anything, from snipping a few herbs to removing a dead branch from a tree.

Other Tools