Gazebos and Awnings Buying Guide

Gazebos and awnings are a great way of creating extra space on special occasions.  You can take advantage of this quiet place to read or relax or even let your children play.


  • Material Types: Gazebos are manufactured from pressure treated timber or tough waterproof plastic material. Metal gazebos can range from those with aluminium poles to those with heavy steel frames. Cedar is also very long-lasting and a natural bug deterrent. Teak is the most resistant to warping and rotting. Pressure-treated pine will absorb paint easily than other wood material.  
  • Pop-up Gazebo:This lightweight gazebo is quick and easy to erect and provides a water-resistant canopy.  Pop up gazebo is easy to assemble and ideal for picnics, weddings, garden parties and barbeques. 
  • Shapes: Hexagonal gazebo with its hexagonal steel structure frame, canopy and tab top curtains proves to be more spacious. You can also find octagon, oval and rectangle shaped gazebos. 
  • Sizes: Gazebos are available in various sizes from the petite 6-foot gazebo to a 20-footer sufficient for groups. 


  • Retractable Awning: This awning is set directly over the terrace and is attached to the side of the home. You would have the option to unravel it whenever you need it. Retractable awnings are either automatic or manual.  
  • Window Awnings: This type of awning is placed outside a small window to provide shade from the blistering sun.  
  • Freestanding Awnings: These awnings are utilized to cover people who are in a large swing that is placed in the centre of the yard.  
  • Types: Shed style, concave, convex, entrance, dome, terrace and elongated dome are a few types of awnings. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Thatched Roof Gazebo :

Constructed of rounded pressure treated timbers, this gazebo is a pleasure to have in your garden

Greenhurst Kingston Awning :

Spend the summer relaxing in your garden with this stunning patio awning from Greenhurst.

Suntime Instant Gazebo :

You can brighten up your summer party with this spectacular gazebo that is quick and easy to install.

Quick Picks

Easy-Up Foldable Gazebo :

This easy to pop up gazebo will allow you to setup this amazing item in 5 minutes.

Henley Patio Awnings :

This large awning protects your family from the sun's harmful rays, so you can still sit back and relax.

Coleman Classic Tent Awning :

Extend your living space outdoors with this expansive awning that is adjustable to the size and style of your tent.

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