General Home Electronics Buying Guide

There are so many gadgets these days that sometimes it's frankly overwhelming trying to figure out what you need (or just really really want).  We at ShopWiki understand this only all too well, so we've done the hard work for you.  The following guides outline some general home electronics and tips on buying them, so you'll be prepared to make a wise decision.  Read on for more information, and soon you'll be keeping up with the Joneses in no time.

Answering Machines

These days, many phones automatically come with an answering machine.  However, if you happen to have an unequipped telephone, you will absolutely want to check out this guide for help choosing a model.

Cordless Phones

You may want to forego a landline in favour of your mobile, but there are still plenty of reasons to have a proper phone: reliability of service, better rates on long distance, package deals with your cable TV, etc.

Caller ID Boxes

You may long for the days before Caller ID when hooligans and heavy breathers could revel in their anonymity.  For the rest of us though, we're convinced and wouldn't give up this feature for anything.


VoIP is an amazing option for those of us who run in international circles and are sick of paying for calling cards that run out or expire before we do.  Read on and soon you'll be Skyping with the best of them.

Electronic Dictionaries and Translators

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?  Would you like to?  Though no electronic dictionary can actually take the place of a language course, it can sure be handy in a pinch.

Weather Stations

It can be so tedious in the morning listening to the telly or radio and waiting for the forecast to come on.  A weather station can easily solve this problem.

Digital Picture Frames

The newest fun trend that is loved by grannies and techies alike.  Sharing your favourite memories just got a whole lot easier, so read on for more information.

Table Radios

Sure, you may love your MP3 player, but when it comes to discovering new music and having some variety, nothing beats the good, old-fashioned radio.