Getting Started in Gaming

There are some people who will never realize the glory of standing atop a simulated trophy pedestal. To them, gold is something  their grandmother's wear, or the colour of their cap encrusted teeth, but it will never be glory. Maybe these people lack the determination and willpower needed to plant their bodies on the sofa for 16 hours, but I say they are just quitters. No one becomes a professional gamer overnight--it is difficult but possible. Just remember, every gamer has to start somewhere. 

Here are all the necessary items to get you started:


XBox & XBox 360

Nintendo Wii

Playstation ,Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PSP


Nintendo 64

Sega Dreamcast

Nintendo DS

GameBoy Advance or Colour 

N Gage

Game Wave

Or if you want to do it old school, check out our guide to classic consoles.


Guides for both Consoles and Computers

Video Game Controllers

Video Game Steering Wheels


Gaming Mice

Gaming Keyboards

Video Game Accessories for Specific Consoles:

And for computer specific accessories, check out this guide.


Guides for both Consoles and Computers

Driving Games

Rhythm Games

Shooter Games

Adventure Games

Puzzle Games

Sports Games

Simulation Games

Role Playing Games

Fighting Games

Planning Games

Games for Specific Consoles:

Computer/Online Gaming: Things to Consider

  • Computer Memory: Games are very dependent upon memory and memory contributes more to game performance than processor speed.
  • Video Cards : A gamer will want to have a strong video card because often games contain advanced 3D instructions which older video cards will not be able to load properly. Gamers with older video cards should try a 3D accelerat  or 3Dfx chipsets  to get the right graphics.
  • Gamepads /Joysticks /Controllers : Sometimes keyboards are difficult to use, and if this is the case for you, it is good to consider buying a game pad or joystick.
  • Sound Cards : Although most people don't consider sound a priority, 3D sound really enhances the gaming experience.

Just for Computer Games

Computer Games

Tactics PC Games

Multiplayer Online Games

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