Gifts for Husbands Buying Guide

Shopping for a husband can seem intimidating because a lot of men do not openly express everything they want. A woman may pass by a clothing store and exclaim that what she likes and dislikes about the clothing featured in the window display, but men often keep such things to themselves. Although you may not know if he prefers the blue shirt to the green shirt, such things aren't really that important. Focus on what you do know he likes. Whether you are buying something for your anniversary, Valentine's Day, his birthday, the holidays, or just because, we have great ideas that will be sure to inspire the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

Romantic Gifts

If you want to sweep him off his feet, try these presents. These work best on men who already have a soft spot in their hearts for a little old fashioned romance.

Silk Boxers 

What's more romantic the combination of silk and underwear? It's a trick question, because the answer is nothing!

Massage Oil 

This really makes the massage go a lot smoother. It's what the professionals use.

Wedding Photo 

Have a constant reminder of the happiest day of your lives with a framed photo.

Love Songs 

A romantic evening together can be aided greatly by a collection of classic love ballads.

Romantic Getaway

A trip for just the two of you to an exotic location can be just the thing to re-ignite the spark in a long term relationship.

For the Home Improver

Give him something that he'll be sure to use! If your man loves to work around the house, try out some of these nifty presents. Barbecue sets, spice racks, stereo systems, he'll have fun assembling them and using them afterwards.

Barbecue Set 

Great for parties and for cooking up delicious meals during the summer.

Power Saws 

The most fun of all power tools--unless you count the chainsaw, but there aren't many practical uses for one and they're slightly disturbing given as gifts.

Chrome Spice Rack 

If he likes to cook or just enjoys assembling things, either way, this is a great choice.

Rabbit Corkscrew 

Opening a bottle of wine might not technically be considered working around the house, but he's got to relax sometimes too.

iPod Stereo System 

These can run on batteries, making them perfect for playing music whilst working outside.

For the Athletic Husband

Men who love sports or just being outdoors will get a kick out of these cool notions. Whether he's a football fan, a golf nut, or into outdoor pursuits, like skiing and mountain biking, there's a sporting accessory out there for him.

Ski Goggles 

English Team Football Display Case 

Bicycle Rack 

Golf Bag 

Badminton Set 

For the Dad

Sure, he's a husband, but is he a father too? Give him something that highlights spending time with the kids. Presents like pictures of him and the kids, books on being a Dad, fatherhood themed t-shirts...or maybe a waterslide, which both he and the kids will enjoy.


Fun for all the family, this is the perfect gift for those hot summer days.

Dad Picture Frame 

Let him frame and display some of his favourite family moments.

Oak Tree and Acorn Daddy and Baby Set 

These matching t-shirts will let father and son be adorable anywhere they go.

Fatherhood Books 

Fatherhood can be difficult, which is why it's good to get advice from the experts, like Bill Crosby.

Cricket Bat Photo Frame 

If he likes cricket and framed photos of his family, this gift is tailor made for him.

For the Bookworm

If you husband keeps his nose in a book more often than not, here are some classic gifts for literature lovers.

Hemingway Novels 

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales 


Melville's Moby Dick 

Steinbeck Novels 

For Mr. Corporate

Whether he's a travelling salesman or a 9-5 office assistant, these gifts are sure to make daily tasks more enjoyable. Help him get out his anger with a stressball, look slick with some luxury shirts, or be reminded of his family with a desktop picture frame (provided he puts a picture of his family in the frame).


Desktop Picture Frame 

Luxury Shirt Accessory Collection 

Garment Travel Bag 

Pen Set 

For the Stylish Man

If your man is quite the social butterfly and likes to look good doing it, then these hot items are exactly what he needs.

Digital Camera 

Let him take all the pictures he wants, whenever he needs.


For keeping the sun out your eyes, or simply looking cool on a cloudy day. Just don't wear them at night, or you'll look like an idiot.

Messenger Bag 

A cool and stylish bag for carrying things.

Leather Trunk 

Trunks are excellent, and the addition of leather is a big bonus.

Bomber Jacket 

Not just for pilots anymore, the bomber jacket is making a comeback as part of the retro revival.

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