Gifts for Men Buying Guide

Buying a gift for a guy can seem like a huge challenge. There are so many things to choose from and men tend to buy themselves exactly what they want, when they want it. Relax. There's no such thing as a perfect gift. The key is to stay calm and focus on his interests. Be thoughtful and consider all your options; if you really want to get him a great gift, you have to know his likes and dislikes.  Don't go with the first generic gift that pops in your head, but don't be afraid to keep things simple. You can find just the right thing for him with a minimum of fuss, especially if you have our help.

Helpful Hints

  • Think about his interests
    • What are his hobbies or favourite activities? If he golfs  every Sunday, some new golf clubs  would make a great gift.
    • Does he have a favourite store? Gift certificates for stores like Best Buy allow him to choose exactly what he wants.
    • Did he recently buy something for himself? You can always buy some designer accessories  to complement his latest purchase, like a leather belt  to match his new shoes .

  • What will he get the most enjoyment out of?
    • Is he going to use this item all the time? Or will this be an experience he won't ever forget?
    • While you should get him something useful over a more sentimental gift , you also want to pick out something you know he'll enjoy. The key is combining useful and fun.
    • If comes down to a choice between fun and practical, consider his temperament: a more buttoned-down man might not want a frivolous gift.

  • Buy for him, not for you
    • What you think he needs or wants could be very different from what he thinks he needs or wants. Just because he has to do yardwork doesn't mean he likes it, so don't get him something that's meant for doing chores.
    • Keep in mind his tastes, especially when buying clothing or accessories . Check out the Clothing for Men guide for some additional advice.
    • Try to go with something more useful than sentimental. Instead of naming a star after him, go with a more tangible gift, such as power tools .

  • What would he not get for himself?
    • Most men don't enjoy baking but love baked goods . Homemade pie or cookies could make a huge impression.
    • Gifts should be geared more towards something he wants versus something he needs . He probably gets himself what he needs. Take this opportunity to find that poker set  he's been eyeing but would never buy for himself.

  • Listen/ Be thoughtful
    • While its important to get a useful gift , you want to show you put some thought  into it too.
    • Be sure to listen to what he wants. It may seem simple, but getting him what he asks for is always appreciated, especially if he's being specific to start with.

Specific Interests

If the guy you're buying for has any specific or unique interests, try to find a present that relates back. Think about what he likes to do with his free time or what he would like to do. Buying him something that he will use for his favourite activity will be greatly appreciated and will also show that you thought a lot about him.

Car Enthusiasts

Top Gear has influenced a whole generation of young men and fuelled an interest in cars unseen since the début of the Model T. Appeal to his gearhead nature with new tools, accessories, or vintage parts.

Driving Gloves 

Auto Tool Kit 

Radar Detector 

Classic Wheel Trims 

Cards and Games

Some guys like to stay in and play games to test their skills and sharpen their wits.  Odds are good they have some cheap set already, so this is a great place to introduce quality with real wood and leather sets.

Poker Chip Set 

Chess Set 

Electronic Dart Board 

Backgammon Set 

Trivial Pursuit 


Guys like their gadgets, and this is definitely a case of if you don't get it, they'll just go out and get it themselves. Snap these up before they do!


Digital Camera 

Movie Editing Software 

Retro Radio 

Modern Wall Clock 


A sophisticated man has sophisticated tastes. If the guys you know hang around in wine bars, some of the items below might be suited to them.

Windows on the World Complete Wine Course 

Triple Decanter 


Executive Cigar Sampler 

Fine Wine  or Champagne 

For Chefs

A bloke doesn't have to be a gourmet cook, or even like spending time in the kitchen, to consider consider himself a bit of a chef. Some men love to barbecue while others fancy themselves masters behind the bar. Indulge these fantasies (or encourage real skill) by giving them the tools they need to serve up everyone's favourites.

Bar Tool Set 

Grills  or Smokers 

Espresso Machine 

Keg Cooler 

Grill Tool Set 

For the Home

A little DIY never hurt anyone, save a few inept types who saw a special on building bathrooms and missed the part about turning off the water. But no matter, most men who love working with their hands know exactly what they're doing.

Strait Line Laser Level 

Workshop Vac 

Weather Station 

Power Tools Kit 

Rain Shower Head 

Music Lovers

Can't go wrong with a few accessories or add-ons for the old stereo system. Everyone likes music, after all, so why should any of the men you know be any different?

Universal Remote 


Satellite Radio 

Bose Sound System 

Computer Speakers 


The rights gift can encourage any many to get up and go...even if going outside means laying about in the sun. Get him moving, even if it is only out as far as the garden.

Body Fat Monitor 



Hydration System 

Leatherman Knife 

Sport and Recreation

Some men love sport for the physical thrill, the challenge of competing. Others prefer to collect and memorialise their sports heroes. Either way, this is a rich area to tap when it comes to finding just the right pressie.

Golf GPS Rangefinder 


Sports Jersey 

Sports Watch 

Portable Weather Monitor 

Alternative Suggestions

Not every gift can fit in a neat little box, though some of these can fit in an envelope. Give the give of rich experiences and vivid memories with some of these choices (in coupon form):

Experiential Gifts

Race Car Driving 

Sky Diving 

Scuba Diving Lessons 

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