Gifts for Men with Style Buying Guide

Do you know a fellow who's not quite satisfied with the pub and football routine? There's nothing wrong with a gentleman preferring the finer things  in life, but for this sharp dresser to keep looking hot and staying in-the-know on all things hip, he's got to walk the walk and talk the talk. Here are some gift ideas to suit his discriminating palate  from his everyday basics : from keeping up his pad to dressing like a star.

Daily Basics

There are some things everyone needs, basic items that make life more convenient . While watches, phones, skin care products, carry alls , and sunglasses may not be the most exciting things in the world, if they're stylish it makes them more superficially attractive and creates a gift that is both fun and practical. 


Stylish gentlemen keep time with stylish  watches. Look for sleek, luxurious-looking designs that he'll love to wear.

Mobiles Phones  or Smartphones 

Give your man a hot gadget that organizes and looks great.

Skin Care 

Real men love taking care of their skin. Give him a quality aftershave  or an exfoliating face scrub . See our guide on Men's Grooming for more ideas.


A classic, yet quality, gift. Give him a gift set of his favourite scent or give him the opportunity to try out the latest designer colognes.


A perfectly manicured man needs perfectly rad shades. Give his eyes some extra style with a sweet pair of sunglasses.

Looking Sharp

Every fellow cares about his appearance, whether he admits it or not. When buying a gift for a stylish man , you can't go wrong with clothes that reflect his ideal self-image. Maybe he's a blazer and silk scarf man or he might prefer something more casual, like hoodies and T-shirt, but we guarantee you'll find something that looks both good and appropriate on him.


A luxe blazer that's just the right fit is the perfect gift for a stylish guy.


Trendy dudes will need a hoodie for those relaxing (but still stylish) moments.

Leather Messenger Bags  or Designer Duffles 

Give him a smart bag to stash his latest gadgets.

Silk Scarves 

Silk scarves were all over the runways this year.

Vintage Inspired T-shirts 

Vintage tees make a statement in a fresh way.

The Perfect Accessories

A truly fashionable person pays attention to the little details, so it's not enough that he wear the finest clothes, he needs to have the finest accessories  to match. Whether it's cuff links, a business card case, a hip flask , money clips or belts, you can get the most upmarket available. It helps if the gifts are made out of stainless steel  or leather.

Money Clips 

Let him keep all that dough organized with a stainless steel money clip!

Leather Business Card Case 

Perfect for the stylish executive.

Designer Leather Belts 

This is a timeless staple of men's accessories. Keep those trousers up in style, men.

Silk Boxers 

Like silk sheets, only they're with you for the whole day. The ultimate in luxury.

Designer Cuff Links 

Well-dressed men who love to wear suits will love a pair of designer cuff links that give them a little extra charm.

Pristine in His Pad

Anyone who's ever lived in a swinging bachelor pad knows that it's a constant struggle to keep it swinging, and there's nothing sadder than a pad that's lost its mojo. Gifts like wine racks, framed movie posters, and martini glasses provide excellent decoration and conversation pieces, while a subscription to a fashion magazine will keep him updated on what's new and fresh, as well as provide plenty of coffee table reading material.

Martini Glasses 

Contemporary barware is a must for the gentleman.

Magazine Subscription 

Give the gift of entertaining literature by getting him a year's subscription to his favourite men's magazine.

Wine Rack 

Let him keep his wine collection luxurious with a wine rack.

Framed Vintage Movie Poster 

He'll channel retro cool or vintage romance with a fancy framed vintage poster.

Quick Picks!

Silk Hand Painted Ties 

The ultimate in luxury: hand-painted and made out of the finest silky threads.

Personalised Travel Card Holder 

A card holder with his name on it--what could be classier than that? We submit: nothing.

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper 

Casual and comfortable, yet totally now.

Grand Tourer Travel Bag 

The hippest travel bag on the market; this allows him to look cool and carry all his stuff at the same time.

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