Gifts for Movie Buffs

Whether for a birthday, holiday or other occasion, the movie buff will be impressed if you can get him or her a thoughtful gift that hones in on film. From sci-fi flicks to classics to Hollywood blockbusters, there are hundreds of gifts from which to choose. For less than $25 to more than $200, you can be certain that there is a one of a kind gift to make the movie lover smile. Here are a few generic ideas to get you started that work for everyone and every film genre. Just think about what style your movie loving friend is into and go from there. Or jump to the different genre sections by clicking on the links in the table of contents. More basics to consider besides those featured below are Tguide'>movie guide book, a season pass to a local movie theater, or the crème de la crème, a trip to Hollywood to see the stars.

Comic Relief

Make them laugh so hard that they start to cry with these comic films. You might also consider some of these other funny flicks and gift suggestions. ! * New: Zoolander, Napolean Dynamite * Old: Princess Bride... * Romantic: Hitch, Pretty Woman... * Family: Home Alone... * Cult Classics: Cheech and Chong... * TV: The Chappelle Show...

Chick Flicks

Below you can see some romantic gifts for those who love watching "chick flicks." Besides these picks, you might also consider: * A classic twist: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes... * Totally '80s: Heathers, When Harry Met Sally... * Recent and romantic: Notting Hill... * Funny: Bridget Jones... * Mother daughter: Freaky Friday... * Drama: The English Patient...


Below are some classic movie sets, from drama to musicals to westerns. Other single classics include the following: * Oldies: Cinema Paradiso... * Newbies: Raider's of the Lost Arc...

For Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fanatics

These are just a few ideas to get in the SciFi lovers are into all the fun stuff that goes along with the genre, from weapon replicas to action figures, framed movie posters, games and trivia books. Comic books, when available, are also a good pick since recently they have been making so many new movies based off of the comics. Some notable items that aren't listed below but that deserve a mention are the following: * Classics: Robocop Trilogy, Dracula... * New: Gifts for the Gadget Guru For the guy or gal who has to have the latest gadgets, these highsoftware'>movie editing software.

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