Gifts for Mr. Gadget Buying Guide

If you know a guy or gal who gives Inspector Gadget  a run for his money, then this is the guide for you. Having to buy a gift for the gadget lover can seem intimidating because it may seem like your recipient has everything. However, buying for Mr. Gadget is actually pretty easy. Why, you ask? The beauty of gadgets  is that there are constantly new ones popping up every day, so new products and ideas make finding an innovative gift not so difficult. We've taken some of the trouble out of the search and compiled a few ideas that would make Mr. Gadget smile (or have his nifty pocket robot smile for him).



Mr. Gadget will love doing his chores with this robotic vacuum cleaner--just set it to clean and it does all of the work for you!


Cute and gadget-like! What would Mr. Gadget be without his trusty robotic pet? They are great companions that can recognise voice commands and even take photos.

Voice Activated Smart Car 

Call the shots--literally. Pressing buttons is so last light-year. Tell this car when to go and when to come back to you, for hours upon hours of fun!

Echo Bot 

The Echo Bot is designed to record phrases from a variety of sources including the telly, radio, or your own voice. It then uses a sensor so that when someone gets near it, the bot will repeat the phrase or song that you've recorded.

RC Falcon 

This radio-controlled falcon soars like a real bird! It can fly up to 40m away and you have the power to control where it goes.

Home & Office

Digital Picture Frame 

Show off your favourite family pics in style. Perfect for home or the office.

LED Atomic Clock Weather Station 

Know the weather, pollen count, time, temperature, and have it all projected on your wall!

Digital Notepad 

The new way of taking notes, this notepad digitally captures everything you write down so that it can be easily transferred to your computer.

USB Negative Scanner 

This machine is great for scanning old negatives and converting them into digital pictures. The pictures can then be cropped or manipulated to the user's liking.

Mensa Alarm Clock 

Requires users to remember the light sequence before shutting off the alarm.


Portable Media Player 

Bring your favourite movies and television shows with you wherever you go! Many media players can even connect to the Internet.

Car Adaptor 

Make a new age "mix tape" on your iPod  and hook it right up to your car adaptor.

Pen Radio 

Listen to the football game or your favourite songs from your pen!

Digital Drum Machine 

Forget hiring a drummer! This digital drum machine will give you the beats. Musical talent not included.

Laser Pen 

It's a pen and a laser all in one! Use it for writing and also for presentations where a laser pointer is required.

Unusual Gadgets

LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp 

Let the jellyfish swimming in the light waves calm you with this colour-changing LED lamp.

AlcoHawk Digital Alcohol Detector 

Make sure you and your friends don't drink and drive with this little breath test to check your blood alcohol level.

Cash Stash Keychain 

Have a problem with leaving your wallet  at the pub? This key chain holds an emergency stash of cash for whatever you get into.

SteriPen Portable Water Purifier 

Dip this into any cup of water and it uses UV rays to purify it in seconds!

Driving LED Emoticon 

Let drivers know your mood! Set it on furious all the time and perhaps you'll see traffic part for you.

Spy Gear

TeleSpy Intrusion Detector 

This phone detects unusual sound or motion in your home and will actually call you if it perceives the sound to be an intruder. Smart phone!

Wristwatch Camera 

Take super secret photographs and even video with sound, all from your wrist. These gadgets can hold up to 4 GB of storage--talk about stealthy!

Hidden Wall Safe 

These can come in all types of designs including an outlet model (shown above), a clock, a brick wall and more for storing all of your valuables in secret.

Military Zoom Binoculars 

These let you really find out what's around you with these super zooming binoculars that offer a close-up view.

Hidden Camera Detector 

This portable device will tell you if there are any hidden cameras around by setting off an alarm and a flickering LED light.

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