Gifts for Nerds Buying Guide


Do you know someone who received more than a few wedgies before the chess team meeting in high school? If so, you probably know a nerd. From science nerds mapping the human genome to computer nerds typing thousands of 1's and 0's, we have the perfect gift ideas for your favourite nerdy friend. Most of us have a little bit of an inner nerd lurking someone inside, so feel free to give yourself a nerdy gift as well!


Gifts For General Nerds


Revenge of the Nerds DVD 

Unofficial Lego Builders Guide 

Binary Watch 

Swiss Memory USB 

Lighter Shaped Pocket Spy Camera 

Gifts for Computer Nerds

Wi Fi Signal Locator 

Multi-Purpose USB Knob 

Binary Welcome Mat 

Hacker T-shirt 

Roll-Up Keyboard 

Gifts for Math Nerds

Math Equation Tie 

Numb3rs Season 1 

Powers of Two clock 

TI 83 Calculator 

A Beautiful Mind DVD 

Gifts for Science Nerds

Giant Plush Microbe 

Ant Works Ant Farm 

Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set 

Uber Orbs 

USB Microscope 

Gifts for Star Wars Nerds

Star Wars DVD Box Set 

Star Wars Video Games 

Autographed Memorabilia 

Star Wars Miniatures 


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