Gifts for Sisters Buying Guide

Although she can easily bounce between being your best friend and your worst enemy, sisters are always there for you and deserve a great gift. They can be tough to please, though, since girls tend to be picky. However, you share a bond with your sister that's unlike any other in your life, so the gift should reflect how special your relationship is. It doesn't have to be over-the-top on every gift giving occasion, but it’s always a good idea to have the gift mean something. You've lived with your sister, seen her at her best and worst, and probably know her better than most. Because of this, you should easily pick out a meaningful gift that is sure to delight her. Here are some helpful tips in mind when choosing out gifts.

Helpful Tips

  • If you're an older sister buying for your baby sister, chances are they'll want everything you own, especially in those tween years. Although its annoying, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so don't hesitate to get her clothes that reflect your tastes.
  • If you want it to be extra special, you could go for a more personalized gift. Maybe a monogrammed locket , or a jewelry box  with her initials engraved on it.
  • You don't have to be a big spender. Try and be creative instead. A nice photo frame  with a cute picture of the two of you makes a great inexpensive gift or maybe you could try making a scrap book of your good times together.
  • If you don't want to be too sentimental, look for things that suit her interests. If she likes running, get her a gift certificate for some new running gear. 
  • You could also try getting a gift that reflects something that you like doing together. If you both enjoy shopping, you probably know her favorite stores and can pick out something she would like from it. Or if you both have the same tastes in movies, get her your favourite new dvd .

Gifts According to Age

If you’re having trouble picking out the perfect present special enough for your sister, browse through these suggestions based on age. 

Up to 4 Years Old

She's your baby sister and needs some adorable to match how cute she is. While your parents probably have the basics covered, you should go for something more fun. It's always better to be the cool older sibling that got them their favorite toy, then the responsible one who got something more useful to your parents such as a car seat.  Take a look at these fun suggestions to see if any will work for your little princess. You may also want to check out the Gifts for Babies guide.

Monogrammed Blanket 

Great for keeping babies warm as well as a personalized gift that they can keep forever.

Stuffed Animal 

Something soft and cuddly that can easily be carried around make great companions.


Fun for babies and great for parents who want help getting their baby to bed.

Night Light 

A colourful night light can help keep those scary monsters away.

Musical Toy 

Just make sure its a tune that you wouldn't mind listening to.

From 5 to 8 Years Olds

At this age, they're still relatively easy to buy for and toys will still work. She's growing up so fast and should have toys that match her maturity level. 

Dora the Explorer DVD 

This probably more for the 5 year olds, but Dora is incredibly popular with young kids.

My First Microscope 

Whether she's into science or not, a microscope is fun as well as an educational device.

Jump Rope 

These never go out of style. They make great gifts for summer time birthdays, that way they won't be tempted to use indoors.

Light Up Sneakers 

Anything that lights up is always entertaining to kids. With these, she'll have the coolest sneakers around.

American Girl Dolls 

American Girl Dolls come with stories and fun clothes. If she already has one, you could get her some accessories .

Preteens (8- 11)

They're not quite as temperamental as teenagers, but are definitely trying to be more grown up. Get them a gift that will help them feel more adult or help prepare them for those dreaded teenage years.


This can be an awkward stage for a girl, and a diary is a great way to express herself.

Magic Set 

These are fun for parties and get together with friends.

Soccer Cleats 

Is she a football player? She'll need some cool cew cleats for her next match.

Judy Blume Novels 

Judy Blume is a great author and her books are entertaining as well as relate to what young girls are going through.

Princess Costume 

She's still a little princess. If her birthday is around Halloween, surprise her with a cute princess costume.

Teenagers (12- 17)

Ahh... the trickiest age group. How can you get them something they like when they don't even know what they like? Well, the best way to go about finding a gift and is to go with one of their specific interests. If she likes hanging out in her room, try getting some bedroom accessories , or if she recently joined the tennis team, go for a brand new tennis racquet. Here are some suggestions.

Scented Candles 

These have become increasingly popular with teens, but be sure they are aware of all fire safety precautions.

Sony PSP 

Boys aren't the only ones into video games. A hand held gaming system is great for long car rides or even just hanging out.

Jewelry Making Kit 

Help her be creative with a cool jewelry making kit. Making her own jewelry is a great way to express her own unique style.

Softball Glove 

If she loves playing softball, she'll definitely get some good use out a new glove.

Electronic Diary 

A more high tech version of the traditional diary, this will allow her to keep all her secrets hidden.

University Years (18-21)

They finally entered adulthood and are ready for gifts that match their maturity. If they're moving away from home for the first time, things that help take their childhood memories with them such as photo frames , always make good gifts. Or maybe you could try some dorm accessories to help brighten up a lonely dorm room . You may also want to check out the Gifts for University Students guide. 

Family Picture Frames 

These are a great way for them to take their family with them when they leave home.

Bulletin Board 

This is a great way to hang pictures, calendars or schedules in a dorm room or apartment.

Complete Sex and the City 

What girl doesn't love Sex and the City?

iPod Speakers 

These are small and easy to carry as well as a great alternative to buying the expensive stereo equipment.

Throw Pillows 

These can help brighten up any dorm room or apartment.

Adult (older than 21 years old)

Trying to make your way in the real world can be tough, so show your sister support with something special. She's probably living a busy life and something useful or practical will definitely come in handy. If they are moving into a new home or need help with their home decor, you may want to try looking at our housewarming gift page. 


Candles and candlesticks make great home decorations.


This is a great way for a busy women to stay up to date with her favorite shows.

Framed Artwork 

Artwork can be unique to her taste in addition to being great wall decoration.


This will always come in handy and keep her from getting lost. They are great for cars as well as walking around.

Key Dish 

A cute key dish will make it easier for her to find her keys when she wants to go out.

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