Gifts for Sports Fanatics Buying Guide

Do you know someone that just can't get enough of sports? Whether you are searching for a gift for an athlete or someone who is satisfied with watching football on the tube, there are plenty of gifts out there that will make the sports fanatic happy. From equipment  to sports memorabilia , there are tons of sports related gifts that your friend will love to receive!


  • Make sure you buy the right team. It would be a shame to buy an item that is actually related to a friend's least favourite team. Ask other friends to make sure you buy the right team, or buy something that doesn't have a team's name or symbol all over it.
  • Buy the right sport. Sure, you may know that your boss is athletic, but he'll find little use for squash equipment if his main forté is golf. Ask around to make sure you buy the right sport.
  • Don't rule out fitness equipment. If your friend loves watching sports but enjoys working out or playing sports just as much, consider buying fitness related gifts or sports equipment.
  • Watch out for fakes. If you are looking for autographed sports memorabilia, make sure you buy it from someone trusted and well-known. Do your research! There are plenty of people out there looking to make quick money off of fake memorabilia.
  • Set a budget before you go shopping. Sports related gifts can get a bit pricey. Set a limit for the gift before you go shopping to make sure you don't get too carried away with all those Manchester United  items out there.

Cricket Trophy 

Golfers Gift Set 

Autographed Football 

Signed Stadium Seats 

Football Cuff Links 

Spectator Umbrella 

Game Tickets 

Beer Helmet 

Team Blankets 

Team Towels 

Portable Gas Grill 

Cooler Radio 

Tennis Equipment 

Belt Buckle Bottle Opener 

Dog Jersey 

Keg Cooler 

Team Mugs 

Football Party Plates 

Sports Jerseys 

Beer Gift Basket 

Rugby Tie 

Foosball Table 

Sports Edition Board Games 

Football Beanbag 

Video Games 


Sports Books 

Sports Water Bottle 

Swimming Goggles 

Squash Equipment 

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