Golf Clubs

Choosing your clubs will obviously be the most important decision you'll have to make, aside from devising devious schemes to alter your score and in turn, kicking your buddy's butt. There's nothing quite as satisfying as hearing a solid wack as your club connects with the ball and watching it sail and diminish in the distance, except maybe nailing a crucial putt in the back nine. There are innumerable factors to consider when choosing a new set of clubs, and much of those will become clearer with experience and the development of your personal style of play. If you're new to golf, here's a good beginner's lexicon to help sort through the golfing terminology you'll see below.

Major Manufacturers and New Models

Here are some of the talked about sticks listed as must-haves in the June '06 issue of Golf Digest.

Still on top (from GolfDigest's Hot List 2006)