Golf Bags Buying Guide

Hitting the course with a sweet set of clubs  is a lot easier when you haven an equally sleek golf bag to tote  them.  From small travel bags to jumbo tour bags complete with stands and cargo pockets, you have a lot of options to choose from.  Consider your budget, your clubs and your caddy--if you have one--before purchasing the best golf bag for you.  Even if your game is weak, you can still look sophisticated while you play.

Types of Bags

Staff Bags  / Tour Bags 

  • Staff bags or tour bags are the largest type of golf bag. Not only do they have enough room to store a complete set of 14 golf clubs, but they also come equipped with various size pockets for all the additional equipment you might need on the course, whether it be extra golf balls, tees or a towel and water bottle.
  • Professional golfers often use tour bags on the course because they can pack them to the brim and have a caddy do the carrying. So if you're an amateur golfer, you may want to consider the weight load before buying.
  • Good tour bags are often made out of leather or other high quality materials for durability. The pricetag also often reflects this quality.

Cart Bags 

  • Cart golf bags are smaller than tour bag, but they can still be pretty heavy for a golfer to carry around the course without the help of a caddy or golf cart. Thus, they're essentially designed to be stored on the cart.
  • Cart bags have less pockets and storage space and are often made out of lighter materials than tour bags. This makes them a little easier to carry once you drag them off the cart, not to mention a bit less expensive than your average tour bag.

Travel  or Carry Bags 

  • Travel or carry bags are the smallest type of golf bag out there, and they're typically made of nylon, plastic and other lightweight materials. Travel bags are specifically designed to hold just the basic gear--i.e. clubs, few balls and other small stuff like tees. If you choose to carry your own bag and don't cruise around on a cart on the course, carry bags are your best bet.
  • Travel Bags vary in sizes, models and price. Some may be specifically designed for juniors, while others may have special features to increase the ease of their use, like backpack straps and stands.

Other Tips

  • Dream about your perfect bag. Picture the features that you want or need it to contain, like a lot of room for your accessories, snacks, etc.
  • Think about ease of use, too. You may want a bag that stands on its own if you want it to be able to quickly grab your clubs at each hole. If you live in a rainy climate, you might want to snag a bag that has an umbrella  slot.
  • Set a budget. Know how much you're willing to spend before you head out to the stores, and try to stay relatively close to that price point.

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