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Do you want to get a head start on trendy hair? You'll be pleased to find that many of the trends are familiar, slightly altered versions of classic hair trends, which means you can save most of last year's products . We'll break down everything from hot hair colours  to the best hairstyles. Whatever your style, we have the best way to bring it up-to-date.

The Latest Haircut Trends

The Bob

Perhaps the most versatile trend, the bob is a great choice for those who like to look different from day to day. Flapper style bobs are great for a hipster look, while longer, blunt-cut bobs are great for those who don't want to go too short. There are really no rules for this trend. All is fair here: fringe or no fringe, wavy, curly, straight, long or short.

The Fringe

Fringe is back in a big way this season. Long hair with fringe is especially popular, so start growing your hair now! There are three main ways to wear fringe this season.

  • Blunt Fringe-- Thick, blunt fringe is the safest bet. It rarely goes completely out of style.
  • The Kate-- Named after supermodel Kate Moss, this is a trend where the fringe borders on too long. Fringe should be long enough to almost cover the eyes. Obviously this is one of the more painfully annoying trends (at least for those of us who like to see where we are going), but if you feel adventurous and change your mind, at least it is easy to trim off a few inches and sport a more conventional fringe.
  • The Pixie-- It takes a strong, confident woman to pull off this look. Pixie fringe is on the short side, and slightly boyish. It's a much lighter type of fringe and is great for shorter hairstyles, but can also be pulled off with longer hairstyles as well. Avoid if you have curly hair (unless you have a really awesome hair straightener).

The Latest Hair Style Trends

The Bun

The bun is exploding onto the scene. Unlike other times that the bun has been popular, both the neat and tight bun, and the messy tousled bun have their places and purposes.

The Sleek Bun vs The Messy Bun

Pair this with a dramatic side part that is ruler-straight. Use anti-frizz gel  to get your hair shiny and sleek.

Messy and big is in. Tease and twist hair and then pull it back into a loose bun. Use a wet-look inducing product such as Redkin Vinyl Glam 02 

The Bobby Pin

Sleek hair with a bobby pin  to the side was all over the runways. Grab a classic bobby pin and add it to your sleek bun. Adding a classic pin to long straight hair is quickly becoming a trend as well. Whatever your hairstyle, hair colour, or hair length, get trendy with a simple pin. It isn't really being used to hold back any hair; the bobby pin is acting more as an accessory. Ditch all those headbands from last autumn and get a big box of bobby pins. 

The Latest Hair Colour Trends

This season has some interesting hot hair colours! Get ready for some classics to disappear (isn't that a bit of an oxymoron?) and the first big hair colour trend for men in years! These hair colours will look fabulous with your new wardrobe.

Dirty Blonde

Last season, blonde hair with dark roots was in. This season opts for a natural dirty blonde  shade. Be ready to see a lot of dirty blonde hair out and about. Not only was it the shade of choice on runways, but it is also making a splash in the 2009 collections!  

Platinum Blonde

A little global warming goes a long way. Rock out an edgy platinum blonde  do no matter what the season, because we all know it's not getting cold any time soon. 


Red is out! Classic red hair has been thrown out in favour of a more brown-red, auburn shade . This shade was all over the runways, so get ready for red-brown to become the new red.  

Blonde for Men

Yes, gentlemen, it's time for your first big hair colour trend since the "frosted tips" of Ben Affleck 's past. The perfect shade for guys  is not white, not quite platinum, but close to it. Straw blonde and dirty blonde are too dark for this trend.  

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