Halloween Buying Guide

Although it has origins in several religions, Halloween is largely accepted as a secular celebration of sweets and spooks. As with many other holidays, there is a huge shopping component to this special occasion, from Halloween decorations to host gifts to safety gear for small trick-or-treaters. The guides below will help you find anything you need to make All Hallow's Eve an eerily good time. For more information on making this an eco-friendly holiday, check out our guide on celebrating a Green Halloween.


Halloween is all about dressing up--you can get as creative as you'd like or play it safe with something more traditional. Whatever it is that you're planning, the Internet is a great place to find some unique costumes, so make sure you have everything you need: costumes, wigs, makeup or face paint and accessories. The suggestions below are sure to get the ideas flowing! For tips on choosing a costume or making your own, check out our guides.

Halloween Entertaining

Halloween is a great time of year for parties, not to mention all the haunted houses and slumber parties! However, this is easier said than done: all of this ghoulish entertainment requires you decorate your house to the correct fright level for your theme. Be nice to the kiddies, now. And don't forget the pumpkins, treats, Halloween music, scary stories or candy--no party is complete without them. Make sure you check out our How to Throw a Halloween Party and How to Make a Haunted House guides to guarantee that you throw the scariest shindig in the neighborhood.

Scary Movies

Need to set a spooky mood? The guides below offer recommendations for truly terrifying motion pictures.


There are a lot of things you can do to promote a safe, fun Halloween for everyone. Despite what some might believe, the biggest danger comes from the dark, not from poisoned candy or malevolent pranksters. Make sure everyone in your family is highly visible at night so they'll be safe while trick-or-treating. Remember, accidents can happen, even with good lighting: scrapes, bumps and bruises are almost inevitable when small children walk around in the dark. You might want to read up on first aid kits and make sure yours is well-stocked. Here are some must-have items for staying safe this year: * '''Glow Sticks''': Glow sticks are fun, kids won't mind wearing them, and they will make children visible to oncoming traffic. * '''Reflective Tape''': Reflective tape can add some highly reflective stripes to any costumes. These come in lots of colors so you can probably find something to match any ensemble. * '''Flashing Lights''': Some armbands come with blinking LEDs. These are usually worn by joggers and cyclists, but great for anyone active at night. * '''Glow-in-the-Dark Paint''': Glow paint doesn't last as long as a glow stick since it needs to be exposed to light for a while before glowing. It still might be fun for the time it lasts! * '''Halloween Flashlight''': There are plenty of inexpensive and fun Halloween-themed flashlights out there. Some even come with a cord so they won't get lost. Make sure to put in fresh batteries! * '''Fun Bandages''': Scrapes and cuts hurt a little bit less when you have cool printed bandages to cover them. * '''Instant Cold Pack''': Falling down on Halloween is no fun, but if it happens make sure you put a cold pack on the injury right away. * '''All-Purpose Stomach Aid''': In case someone overdoes it on the candy! If you're planning a party, make sure to take a few basic precautions to ensure your guests' safety without wrecking the spirit of the celebration. This way, everyone can enjoy the party without worry.

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