Halloween Crafts Buying Guide

Halloween  is prime time to get those creative juices flowing.  The autumn  weather is perfect for messy outdoor crafts , and the excitement for a day full of goodies and ghouls gives kids a lot of energy that can easily be burned off by doing some fun art projects .  Making your own Halloweeen decorations  can also be a great family affair that allows everyone to bond while your house gets a festive overhaul.  So keep reading for some craft ideas that will help you kick-start the holiday.


Pumpkin carving  is a classic Halloween craft.  You can use your imagination to create a freakish design of your choice, or you can use a pre-made pattern (easily found for free on the web) to create something intricate that will wow your neighbours and eager trick-or-treaters.  Plus, carving can be simple.  Just follow some of these easy steps to make your perfect jack-o-lantern .

  • Be Choosy.  Make sure you pick a pumpkin that is ripe, smooth and free of dents.  This will make it easier to draw on your design and subsequently carve.  Also, be sure that your pumpkin is at least 22 centimetres tall if you plan on burning a candle inside.
  • Cut and Dig.  After you've chosen your pumpkin, it's time to cut the top off and dig out the insides.  Using a pumpkin saw, cut a circle about 13 centimetres around the stem to make the lid.  And to ensure that it doesn't slip back into the pumpkin, cut it on an angle so that the outside edge is larger than the inside.  Once inside the pumpkin, use a ladle or ice cream scoop to help you take out all the pulp and seeds.  Don't forget to put down newspaper to make clean-up easier!
  • Marker Time.  Once all the messy stuff is done, wipe down the outside of your pumpkin to create a clean, dry surface on which to draw your pattern.  Washable markers are great for this job, so you can easily fix any mistakes.
  • Carve Away.  When carving your pumpkin, start at the centre and work your way out to avoid putting too much stress on areas that you've already hacked away at.  And when using a knife, be gentle.  Run it over each line several times before you poke the piece out with a finger or pencil point.  For the larger shapes, you may have to cut away pieces at a time.
  • Get Creative.  If you want to be the next pumpkin Picasso, try working on some shading.  Don't cut the pieces all the way through, leaving a thin layer that will have an eerie shaded effect when lit by a candle.

Pumpkin Saw 

Pumpkin Carving Pattern Book 


Pumpkin Carving Kit 

Candy Holders and Bags

If you ask a kid what the most important part of Halloween is, they'll undoubtedly say the candy.  So why not make the trick-or-treat bags and cups that hold the Halloween booty just as special as the sweet treats themselves?  Brown paper lunch bags or egg carton cups can easily be made into black cats, spiders, ghosts and mummies.  To see how, click here for's Halloween craft ideas.  And to get you started, check out some of the important supplies below.

Craft Supplies


Making your own costume  may take a bit more time than buying something off the rack, but it will save you some much needed cash.  And you don't always have to be a sewing whiz to make a costume that looks good.  Craft stores sell pattern books that make costume creation easy, and using odds and ends from your house can save you the chore of sewing altogether.  Stuff old socks with newspaper to make animal tails or spider legs, pop the lenses out of old sunglasses to make pseudo-eye glasses, and stain those already tattered jeans with tomato juice for fake blood.  

Costume Supplies


Sewing Supplies

Face and Hair

Other Decorations for Home

Here are some other decorations that you can piece together using all or some of the supplies already listed above.

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