Halloween Party Necessities Buying Guide

Throwing a Halloween -themed bash requires the usual party essentials--from food to decorations  and entertainment--with a spooky twist.  With the help of this guide, use your imagination to create creepy cocktails , freaky finger foods  and a host of other hair-raising Halloween goodies.

Festive Food and Drink

Keeping your guests' bellies full is half the battle when throwing a great party.  So consider the following ideas for your festive Halloween menu:

  • Everything pumpkin .
    • Pumpkin pie and/or pumpkin ice cream with candy corn or gummy worms instead of sprinkles.
    • Pumpkin bread, pumpkin scones, pumpkin soup.
  • Punch served from a cauldron with dry ice  for a smoky effect.
    • For adults, try using brightly coloured mixers  (like Blue Curaçao) to give your cocktails an other-worldly feel.  Liqueurs with seasonal spices--like cinnamon  and nutmeg --are also a plus.
  • Everything apple.
    • Bob for them, put them in a pie, dip them in caramel.
  • Candy , of course.
    • For adults, try having a chocolate dipping station, pumpkin fudge or dark chocolates that go well with dessert wine
    • For kids, prepare mixed candy goody bags.
  • Freakish twists on family favourites.
  • Cookies with sinister shapes.
    • Pick up some Halloween-themed cookie cutters  to make treats in the shape of pumpkins, witches, ghosts and bats.

Ghoulish Games

Games keep guests entertained and help everyone get into the spirit of things.  Consider the following Halloween game  ideas for both kids and adults.

Have a psychic table set up where guests can get their fortunes read or conduct a seance using the time-honoured Ouija Board.

Bobbing for apples is a classic autumn game that could make a splash at your Halloween party.  Don't forget to have prizes for the winner--from cheese and wine baskets  for the adults to candy and tiny toys  for the kids.

  • Mystery Box

Ask your friends to stick their hands into the mystery box for a fright-filled experience.  Use peeled grapes for eye balls, spaghetti for worms and chopped up jello  for brains and guts.

Serve s'mores and read scary stories by candlelight or torch.

  • Guess the Monster

Pin the names of famous monsters on your guests backs and and have them guess their identities by asking yes or no questions.

Have guests tuck a small pumpkin under their chin and pass it on to other players, or see who can thread a slippery pumpkin seed necklace the fastest.


Run wild with your Halloween décor and don't forget to supplement it with some eerie music  and frightening sound effects .



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