Halogen Bulbs Buying Guide

Halogen bulbs utilize heat to evaporate the filament inside the bulb into the halogen gas, resulting in light. Halogen lights are used as head lights for vehicles, accent lights for art, pictures and decorative items, or for general lighting in office and home interiors.

Types and Benefits

  • Halogen floods – Flood lights are mostly halogen and they give light cover over a wide area. Halogen lamps are also employed in offices and houses to reflect well with the walls for a brighter appearance. Innovative halogen bulbs are available at 120 volts and 130 volts with the option to dim the intensity when needed.
  • Coloured Halogens – Halogen bulbs are available with colours such as green, yellow, amber, pink and red. They are available in different shapes and sizes with a decorative value. Children like to have them in their rooms.
  • JDD type – JDD types of bulbs are available in the range of 12 volts to 130 volts. Normally, they are in tubular form with a screw base for easy fixing.
  • MR type – In hotels and party rooms, MR type of bulbs are used. They are small reflectors that are designed to consume low voltage and work with a 2 pin base.
  • Solux – Solux are  widely used in museums, photography and machine vision. With their unique design of spreading the beam, they emit light, which is as good as day light.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How do Halogen bulbs differ from conventional type of bulbs? By design, Halogen bulb is similar to conventional light bulbs as both have filaments. The difference lies in heating the filament without breaking it and recycling of energy makes the bulb last longer. Also, the filament used in conventional bulbs is tungsten whereas in halogen, it is quartz.
  • What safety factors are to be considered while using halogen lamps? Halogen bulbs or lamps work on higher temperature and can cause burns when handled. For this reason, halogen bulbs are covered with grids to prevent direct contact. Halogen bulbs emit UV rays that may cause sunburn. To minimise the effect of it, a glass filter around the bulb that absorbs the rays are usually provided.

Manufacturers of Halogen Bulbs

  • OSRAM Sylvania
  • Draper
  • Eveready
  • Philips
  • Halogen

Quick Picks


Quick Picks

 50w Halogen Bulbs 230-240v Light bulbs :

The high quality halogen bulb is suitable for main fixtures with a 38 degree beam angle and reflector.

10W Halogen Bulbs :

The set contains ten small compact halogen bulbs that can be dimmed using a dimmer.

Petzl Halogen Bulbs :

The Petzl halogen bulbs provide a bright beam of light and are battery operated.

Quick Picks

Lupine 12W and 16W HP Halogen Bulbs :

The halogen bulb cycle light makes cycling in the night possible.

Crompton Halogen Light Bulbs :

The Crompton halogen light bulb emits an yellow light and can be a very useful tool.

Philips 40w Twin Pack Halogen Bulbs :

The clear halogen bulb falls under energy class E and has a life for two years.

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